My Admittedly Biased Analysis of the DMN Hunt Story

As Zac mentioned, the DMN version of the Hunt lawsuit story came out Sunday. Given that our take comes out in about two weeks (penned, by the way, by former DMN writer Gretel C. Kovach), I was eager to see how the paper handled it. Let’s jump.

When I saw the headline — “A Matter of Trust” — I moaned. That wasn’t the headline we used on the cover, but it’s the headline we used inside, with the story. I forget which of us came up with the headline, but it met with universal approval in our office. “A Matter of Trust.” Get it? A story about a fight over a trust. A family that has for years trusted one man to oversee their complicated business arrangements. A father’s fight with a son. It works on so many levels. So tip o’ the hat to the DMN editor who hit on the same genius headline we did.

As for the story itself, I thought it was very thorough — and very much like a newspaper story. By which I mean it felt flat. This is not to impugn the ability of the two reporters who wrote the thing. I think the medium itself isn’t friendly to long-form narrative. A story this complicated, with this many colorful characters, needs something more than an expository lead and all those short paragraphs.

I make you this promise: our version of the story comes with more sex and one near-death experience that the DMN completely overlooked. It will also come with illustrations.


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13 responses to “My Admittedly Biased Analysis of the DMN Hunt Story”

  1. Lee, Dallas, Texas says:

    Re: Headline. Is that great minds run in the same channels or all fools think alike. i am never sure which.

  2. please answer says:

    why did the article change? it was worded differently later in the day than in the morning.

  3. Chris says:

    Illustrations of sex? good thing I have a subscription… are they in color?

  4. Zac Crain says:

    I wish I could help, please answer, since you’ve posted twice, but I don’t have a concrete answer for you. My guess? The reporter used the more fluid medium of the web to take a second crack at it after the story was sent off to the printers. Either that or there is a massive conspiracy involving Belo, the Hunt family, a second shooter on the grassy knoll behind the picket fence, and Terrell Bolton.

  5. Bethany says:

    And the Trinity project. You forgot that.

  6. Paul says:

    The Hunt/Hill clan are living testament to the fact that the Estate tax should not be repealed, and that the laws relatring to Trusts should be revoked as well! Let the brats get real jobs and tone down the paris vacation for half a mil.

  7. Bethany says:

    When I read that story, my immediate thought was that I clearly go to Paris with the wrong people. A half mil…..oh the shoes…..

  8. educate me says:

    you’re the best, zac crain.

  9. Neal says:

    To “please answer”:

    Zac was too polite to point out that HE DIDN’T WRITE THE ARTICLE SO HOW THE HELL WOULD HE KNOW WHY IT WAS CHANGED. It was a Dallas Morning News article. Got it?

  10. dissapointed says:

    to neal aka zac’s lover
    i got it

  11. John says:

    This isn’t the 1st time Al III considered himself to be Trust-worthy. At least this time it is a blood relative.

  12. WHarris says:

    My main concern is how Al III and Erin are maintaining their lifestyle if he is off the payroll? Will Erin leave? What will they do for their summer vacation? Will they have to drop the country club membership? It all sounds very stressful. I’m going shopping.

  13. Jo says:

    When did you say your version is coming out? No mention in the March 08 issue.