Leading Off

1. As Adam first mentioned yesterday afternoon, a creepy man is approaching girls at SMU and saying he is an MTV producer. He then asks to take their picture. He then tries to convince them to pose nude. Two things: He is NOT who he says he is, and, trust me, this does NOT work.

2. A cold front with heavy rain is moving in today. Please check out the good weather work at Channel 11 or Channel 4 for the latest weathery news.

3. When this Fort Worth pit bull attacked another dog, the dog’s owner tried (in vain) to get the pit off his pet by striking the pit in the skull with the hammer. A happy ending, though: the pet survived, and the pit was plugged by a cop.


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7 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. Spamboy says:

    1) Now you tell me
    2) …because Channels 5 and 8 are liars!
    3) Good ol’ Ft. Worth

  2. Bobby Ewing says:

    Eric, please share what *did* work for you.

  3. CDD says:

    4) Can we talk about Smirnoff being renamed to Superpages.com Center?

  4. the amanda says:

    CDD, that is so two weeks ago.

  5. CDD says:

    ah, well I just heard about it yesterday. two weeks or two years later it is still the worst name ever. and still on of the worst live music venues here, so I guess it won’t change my opinion of the place. carry on with the weather and pit bulls and nudes talk.

  6. the amanda says:

    roger that

  7. Eric Celeste says:

    Pity, Bobby Ewing. Pity.