Ashley Olsen Visits Dallas

The petite and well-poised blonde stopped by Forty Five Ten to host a presentation and trunk show for her fashion line, The Row. Sarah and I dropped by before heading to Todd’s bash. Ashley was very easy-going and sweet, donning a long beige cashmere sweater (which she asked Sarah and me to feel so that we could witness the quality…very nice), a pair of skinny leather pants (the line’s signature piece), and knee-high Balenciaga boots. The actress/designer, who was staying at The Mansion, mingled with guests and even signed autographs for those that asked. Jump for more details and a blurry photo that Sarah took with her iPhone.ashleyolsen_sm.jpg

Ashley, who designs the line herself, told us her favorite piece from the Fall 2008 collection is the grey alpaca coat. The line, which launched spring 2007, consists of mostly neutral and minimalist separates that can be mixed and matched for everyday wear. A reversable jacket made of goat fur and suede was a big hit with customers like Tina Craig. In case you are wondering, the clothes are not made only for people her size. I tried on a pair of the skinny pants and was pleasantly surprised when the small was too big. Dallas was only a pit-stop for the pint-sized fashionista, she’s heading to Paris on Tuesday to show the collection to the European buyers. You can buy the collection locally at Forty Five Ten and select pieces at Barneys.


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9 responses to “Ashley Olsen Visits Dallas”

  1. Sarah Eveans says:

    Um. Haven’t quite mastered the iPhone pics, have I.

  2. Nathan says:

    Sarah: just tell people you had too much caffeine today and your hands were trembling still. People will understand…those who are still sensitive to caffeine, that is.

  3. mm says:

    I’ve had a similar experience, whe the large size was still too small.

  4. LF says:

    Wow, Stephanie how small are you?? You look about Ashley’s size and I thought she was a pixie!!

  5. Brandon says:

    You’re in big trouble, Mister.

  6. Puddin'Tane says:

    Do the Olsen Twins actually have teeth? I’ve never seen either one of them smile. Instead they do that weird lip pout kind thang.

    Bad teeth perhaps?

  7. James says:

    Puddin’Tane. No. If you actually Google some pictures of them, a majority are of them smiling but when they’re being harassed by the paparazzi, chances are they’re a little peeved.

  8. James says:

    PS: I love the article. The Olsen girls are, to me, the epitome of fashion.

  9. Maggie says:

    This was in Jezebel today:

    “Ashley was surprised. The women were really chic. A lot of them had such great style. And we didn’t expect there to be so many women like that.” That’s Rae Miles, commercial director of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, The Row, about her and Ashley’s visit to Dallas to promote the line. Because clearly no one outside L.A. or New York knows how to dress themselves!”