Troy Aikman Runs Topless Through Highland Park

I am told that one of our sales reps got a ticket yesterday for talking on her cell while driving through a school zone in HP, which we all know is illegal now. The important reason she was on the phone? She had just spotted a shirtless, jogging Troy Aikman, and she’d called a friend to say how “hot” he looked.

Here’s the thing. If you’re Troy Aikman, do you jog shirtless? I mean, apparently you do. But really? I don’t know why, but if you reach a certain level of celebrity, I think you have to keep the shirt on. Maybe because you just know someone is going to snap a cellphone pic of you. Speaking of which, we’ve got the separation of church and state here, so I can’t go yell at a sales rep. But, Wick? Failing to take a pic of a shirtless, jogging Troy Aikman — fireable offense?

Correction: The sales rep has informed me that Aikman wasn’t shirtless. Just sleeveless. But she did confirm that he was so hot that she had to make a phone call and point out the hotness to a friend.


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15 responses to “Troy Aikman Runs Topless Through Highland Park”

  1. dave little says:

    i saw channel 5’s mike snyder running shirtless while eating a ham.

  2. CDD says:

    My form is perfect – I’m like Jerry Rice. Feel that stride, so fluid and fast. I’ve got the stride of a gazelle: a beautiful, beautiful gazelle person. My body is achieving a perfect symmetry right now. It’s that long, lean muscle I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I should’ve popped my shirt off first…ah god**mit, I really should’ve popped that shirt off. I wonder if there are any women watching from the sidelines? [gets beaned in the head with a football and collapses] – from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

  3. Rawlins says:

    It was Jerry Jones. Common mistake.

  4. Hammer says:

    I saw Reagan Hickey running shirtless thru Denton and I threw up

  5. Bill says:

    I heard Skip Bayless was watching too

  6. Kris says:

    I wonder if Troy got a ticket for running in HP. HP recently reinstigated it’s practice of ticketing runners who are not on the sidewalk.

  7. Ghost of Stu says:

    I saw Rowdy Hating Walt running thru Oakcliff and I stopped and ask for his autograph and he told me not till I banged Bad Kitty. More BAD radio

  8. Jerry says:

    Who is Reagan Hickey?

  9. Gordon Keith says:

    We were taping for the Gordon Keith Show and Troy took his shirt off for us to do the bit…trust me it will be funny

  10. Mike Snyder says:

    that was not a ham that was my wife

  11. Batman says:

    Wish I could find someone to have modsecks with.

  12. Ghost of Stu says:

    I hear NFiMB is available, check adult friend finder

  13. William Ford says:

    Maybe he should have done that around his dealership and it would not of had to close.

  14. Batman says:

    I was kind of hoping a certain naughty baby cat would come along.