Google Drives a Really Dorky Car

The images below were sent in by a very alert FrontBurnervian. As he was driving down Lemmon, near Love Field, he spotted the Google boys at work — in a PT Cruiser. Seriously, Google? Your stock is poised to break $700 a share. Your Gmail is the best thing in the history of everything. You rock so hard that now, if I understand correctly, you’re using clouds to do your computing.

And you drive a PT Cruiser?

[shaking head slowly, considering switching to Yahoo]


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9 responses to “Google Drives a Really Dorky Car”

  1. mjh says:

    you echo my sentiments exactly when i submitted for the photo contest. they keep taking photos of the roof of that stupid car too. That’s all they can afford? at least they upgraded from the PVC piping and ratchet straps to attach the camera. Must be high-def.

  2. amanda says:

    The PT is the hottest car in the Netherlands right now. IJS…

  3. Brian says:

    still, we know what to look for as we moon a cruiser in front of the house.

  4. Brian says:

    also, its better than Dcad’s 90’s van were they open the door, shoot and speed off, like they are doing something bad.

  5. Gwyon says:

    Some of the recent Google street view work is being done by contractors. I think that’s what you’re seeing there, and it might explain why the Dallas street views are low-res compared to those in cities like Chicago.

  6. Pat says:

    With the PT Cruiser, they get a huge stealth factor. Nobody notices a PT Cruiser. A PT Cruiser could walk in the front door of your house, steal the fancy silverware that you never use, drink right from the milk carton (leaving the refrigerator door open), knock over the dog’s water bowl, and leave again, and you’d still never know whodunnit. I suspect that the crew that’s knocking over houses in Far North Dallas by jumping privacy fences and busting in back doors during workdays probably drives a PT Cruiser too. This theory also explains why the recent federal spending bill banned export sales of the PT Cruiser to N. Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba. It is too stealthy to let fall into enemy hands.

  7. SE says:

    I saw a dorkier (if that’s a word) Googlemobile on 75 in Plano – a Chevy Cobalt with the PVC pipe and a shrink-wrapped camera. The Google logo wasn’t even straight on the door!

  8. Idunno says:

    The cars they use are easily rented and conform to the specific roof rack configuration they have.

  9. Creth Davis says:

    there was a time, and a photograph to prove it, that the Chevy Cobalt was the Google vehicle of choice. apparently being really good at internet and e-mail doesn’t make your taste in cars any cooler.