Southlake Reacts to D Magazine Cover

southlakegrab.jpgThe store in Southlake is known as Kroger No. 512. We’ve got ourselves a fancy display there. In a normal month, we sell about 40 copies of the magazine in Kroger No. 512. So far this month, from Thursday through Sunday, our “Why You Should Hate Southlake” cover has sold almost 800 copies. Meanwhile, the Carroll students have organized a “Why You Should Hate D Magazine” Facebook group (a screen capture of which you see at left). We’re flattered. Here are some excerpts:

yeahhh my sister is on the cover of this on the left…and they had no idea that they were putting that crap on the cover they just knew their picture would be on it and that they would put some qutoes about them talkign about the community, but it does make us look even worse & people from basketball have already called me about it, but if you actually read the entire article which most people just read the cover they are sayign some really nice things about us and how good the school is and community but it does send the wrong message on the cover but on the inside all they do is brag about us.

And …

aww makenzie… i bet our getting alot of crap from that!!!! Yah, lol we picked up the magazine.. and the article is acutally pretty good. : ) lol so your sister had no idea?


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