Leading Off

1. Not much surprising in this breakdown of the TrinityVote finances. The Angela Hunt-led group has raised about $283,000 and spent $219,000 in its opposition to the Trinity River toll road. The finances of Trinity Commons, the group opposed to the toll road referendum, wasn’t filed as of the Monday evening deadline but probably won’t be considered late because Chief Overlords of The Dark Conspiracy can bend time.

2. This story in the Star-Telegram uses the word “flapdoodle” in the headline. Wow. Newspapers will do anything in their pursuit of young people.

3. The local site Pegasus News has been sold to a media company out of Seattle. Mike Orren has to be happy today. The website’s grand poobah took a big risk a few years ago when he left his role as publisher of Texas Lawyer to start the site. (Well, he was pushed out when they found out he was working on this.) He nearly went broke trying to realize his dream, and went through many failed negotiations in trying to find backers, including an ugly aborted dance with the Morning News. (Full disclosure: D is an original investor.) I hope it makes it now long-term, because it’s a good site with a great sense of humor and purpose.


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