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By Tim Rogers |

Now I know how Nancy feels. You put up something about a restaurant’s closing, and your e-mail overfloweth. Here’s what the FB Nation has to say about the demise of Joe Willy’s:

–I was in a couple of months ago and spoke to the general manager, who said they weren’t going to renew their lease when it expired. According to him, the neighborhood has gotten so bad that they were having trouble drawing the families and softball-playing crowd that they needed. At the time, they were definitely planning on relocating, but he didn’t know where they would end up. I’m bummed, and hope they reappear somewhere not too far away.

–I, too, was very upset about Joe Willy’s. Read the latest edition of the Observer and their restaurant person (forgot name, but not Nancy) mentions the new owner is changing the concept a little and name. [Ed: go here.] Too upset to remember all of the pertinent information.

–I was shocked to read J.W.’s was boarded up. I called J.W.’s, the phones been disconnected. As luck would have it, I have a great replacement for you, The Twisted Root Burger Co. ( on Commerce and Good Latimer (it’s the building that Crescent City Cafe was in). Half pound burger with made to order potato chips, finish with an oven roasted strawberry milkshake. They also have a full bar and two patios. I hope this will help ease the loss of J.W.’s

–Since this is my job, I can confirm that Joe Willy’s demise didn’t have to do with renegotiating their Lease. They were locked out, meaning they hadn’t paid rent in quite awhile, I’m guessing. It’s expensive to a landlord to lock someone out, because that means they have to file a lawsuit, organize the liens against the tenant (which, according to the signs on the door, include the landlord, Coca-Cola, and the Advisor Magazine) etc., so landlords don’t usually do it immediately once you don’t pay your rent. Yikes…I will miss their chicken sandwiches.