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By Nancy Nichols |

chix2.jpgSo, Rod, Jessica, Laura, Elizabeth, and I just waited 10 very long minutes in the drive-through at KFC on Lemmon. We ordered a Famous Bowl. I asked the girl at the cash register how many they sell. She said, “Lots.” I pushed. “Like how many?” She broke loose, “We sell lots. Everybody orders them.” Obviously, her brain has left her body. Here’s the deal: a wad of instant mashed potatoes sits in a plastic flat-bottomed container. So, technically it is not a bowl at all. Reconstituted brown “gravy” is troweled across the potatoes before a handful of canned corn is tossed in for color. Next up: six or seven clumps of soggy “chicken” (probably bound with sawdust) are piled on and the whole mess is covered with melted cheese. It looks nothing like the picture on the KFC website. Although it does remind me of a picture of something I threw up after too much Boone’s Farm in 1970. It tastes even worse. Yes, FB Foodies, I took one bite for the team. BUT, I didn’t swallow. I even tried to make it look better by styling it with daisies. If you eat this, I have no use for you. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin