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I got this email from several friends today. Be careful people! If you are going to have beers at Idle Rich and walk home at the end of the night, make sure it’s with a group. Or with a really cute guy. Scary email after the jump.

Wanted to let you guys know some information I found out last night about our beloved Uptown. Jimmy called me when I got back from Michigan and told me two people had been assaulted in front of his house. The first happened Tuesday night/morning about 3am. His neighbor was getting dropped off when a guy jumped out of the shadows and charged their car. They speed off. Later that morning at 630am, another neighbor was getting in her car to go to work and as she unlocked the car someone came up behind her and put a gun to her head, told her to get in, and got in behind her. She pleaded with him to let her go. He told her if she called the police he would find her and kill her. A week, a month, a year. He would find her. Then he cocked the gun to her face and told her to run. Her roommate convinced her to call the police. My brother was telling this story to some of us last night and my sister’s coworker told us he went running that same morning before work and the police had blocked off the Katy Trail at Blackburn. There was a dead body in the trees. He did not know if it was a vagrant or if someone had been killed. He checked their news department and they had not heard anything about this. So…watch your back.