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A FrontBurnervian raises a point:

It might be “cheap”, but it’s also slow, costly for taxpayers and unreliable (since it is typically maintained by understaffed city services departments with little to no experience managing these types of systems). As a Dallas taxpayer already dealing with corruption (Hill, Fantroy) and fiscal mismanagement, I would rather pay $14.95 a month for reliable service from SBC, than spend three times that in taxes, if not more, as my city fumbles around trying to set up its own “cheap” system. (When I think of Dallas setting up a Wi-Fi system, I can’t help but visualize rabbit ears and aluminum foil…)

All true enough. But because of how you feel about Dallas city government, you therefore want a Federal law forbidding any city, town, or village from doing wi-fi? Why does that sound more like a liberal’s solution than a conservative’s? If you don’t want Dallas to do wi-fi, vote against anybody who supports it. Once upon a time, that’s how we ran the entire country.