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A skeptical FrontBurnervian asks:

Seems that the complaint about “free” newspapers brought up in this item can also be addressed to People Newspapers, can’t it? For example, every week I find myself pulling the Lake Highlands People out of the street in front of my house as well as the copy in front of the uninhabited house under construction next door. Is this the same “creation of circulation numbers” applicable to the DMN or a completely different issue of which I’m not aware?

Dont’ worry readers. This may sound like a testy exchange, but the author did tell me to have a nice weekend. As for the substance of his argument, I’ll let the newspaper folks handle that one. All I know is that my Sachse News is conveniently delivered to my mailbox every Thursday. Any extras I find around the neighborhood I take for the extra coupons, so it’s win-win.