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A news-gathering FBvian says the “mofo” comment probably won’t hurt Perry. I agree:

I’m writing this e-mail as I’m thinking about whether I’ll look better in the Perry Mofo Ringer-T or the Perry Mofo Baseball Jersey. Shucks, I better just get the Perry Mofo Hooded Sweatshirt and be done with it.

I’m thinking Perry’s comment will help him politically more than hurt him. I remember Tony Sanchez used the Perry “get on down the road” comment in 2002. I’m sure Strayhorn is already thinking up “Adios Mofo” quips for comments, speeches, or possibly for future ads. But I think, at least among Perry’s base, this will help. The fact that he said it to a journalist sure won’t cost him any points. And Texans tend to like a little politically-incorrect, at least once in a while. One thing’s for sure. Twenty years from now, you’ll still be hearing “Adios Mofo” on the streets. It’s an instant classic.