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I went to the Puppet Lounge opening last night. I told my friend that we
were out of there if real puppets dangled from the rafters. Puppets come in
a close second to clowns on the freak-me-out scale. I know everyone out there is dying to know how it measures up. Here is my response to the press release sent out last week.

#1: “official June 8 opening of the Puppet Lounge at 2708 Elm Street”

I asked the nice bartender why on earth they would name a drinking establishment “Puppet Lounge.” He explained that there was an actual puppet that had been passed down through the years, even as the venue changed ownership. Sadly, someone jacked that puppet a couple weeks ago. A sign?

#2: “Puppet Lounge is a sophisticated, beautifully decorated, classic lounge concept”

Well, there were still ladders propped up against trees on the patio and numerous paintbrushes plopped in the corner. So, I am guessing there is still some more sophisticating and beautifying to be done. I got more of a dive feel. A few modern chaises were here and there with some sparkly beads dangling from the doorways. And it’s kind of small, too. But I loved the patio: very chill and intimate.

#3: “Italian-American fare”

I can’t really form an opinion on the food. All they had were some meatballs and cheese and crackers. The restaurant will be open in a few weeks.

#4: “it is our desire to bring back to Deep Ellum what our immediate neighbors Green Room, Monica’s, Daddy Jacks, Deep Sushi, and other local mainstays have courageously kept alive”

I like to go out. My friends like to go out, too. But if it takes going north of Knox or south of Pearl, it’s usually too much of a “hassle” to merit a trip. IJS.