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Hockey puck bunnies: how many of you out there in bloggerspace remember nickel beer night at the State Fair Coliseum? The “Turnpike Rival” face-off: Dallas Blackhawks vs. the Fort Worth Texans. (Did I mention the beer was a nickel?) Anyway, long (expensive) story short, I worked for the Hawks and we played our theme song, borrowed from our parent club in Chicago, as the players took to the ice. (I still have a “45” of the original recording.) So, for all of you hockey loyalists out there, here’s a special treat to get your geared up for hockey. (#8 under “Audio/Video classics.) Hit it, boys.

[Loudly, with slurs on upbeat]

Here come the Hawks, the mighty Blackhawks!
Take the attack (yeah!) and we’ll back you Blackhawks!
You’re flying high now so let’s wrap it up!
Let’s go you Hawks! Move out! Now all look out!

Here come the Hawks!
Here come the Hawks!
Here come the Hawks!

Here they come, movin’, weavin’, flyin’ high and throwin’ spray!
Blades flashin’, sticks crashin’, trying for the play.
And the Blackhawks take control!
There’s a shot! And a goal!