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Who is this man? Is he your local Toyota car salesman who wonders, “What do I have to do to earn your business today”? Or is he a conservative blogger, offering “real deep social responsive thought on the most divisive issues of today”? Or is he your ticket to financial freedom, helping you “eliminate all your debts and create new forms of income in less time than you might imagine”? Or is he Joseph with the Sensual Touch, a model, escort, masseur, nude, or semi-nude who offers “special rates for couples, seniors, and groups”?

The answer? He’s all those things and more, including motivational speaker and adult filmmaker. Joseph is a real renaissance man. WARNING: search around his sites at your own peril, Joseph likes to be naked–and his enjoyment is a bit too obvious, if you know what I mean. (Thanks to Metroblogging Dallas for the link. Thanks a lot.)