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Ok, I’m getting way too many emails from desperate women. I’m gonna combine several inquiries into one post. Here are their questions:

1. What’s the deal with Skip Hollandsworth? Is he married or gay?
2. Tristan Simon is so hot. I want to have his babies. Is he available?
3. How can Tim Roger’s wife be married to him?

Hmm. Dangerous territory, but I’ll put on my waders and get wet:

1. Funny that you ask about Skip, he was in our offices yesterday. He applied for a job. Kidding. Skip is married and his lovely bride Shannon, is no beard.
2. If I say Tristan is hot, then I can’t review his restaurants, so let me ask the others, hang on. Three comments: a) “Yeah, sorta” b)”He grows on you” (gross!) c) “Totally.” (I’m not touching the rest of your desperate question.)
3. As to Tim’s wife, Christine. She is heavily medicated. Poor thing, I hear she’s wearing a drool cup.