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The Pandemic Pantry: Rodeo Goat’s Goat Balls

If the dish name conjures up farm animal anatomy, guess again! Make these dough-wrapped, deep-fried brie bites.
By Reagan Williamson |
A white plate with a dessert called Goat Balls: fried biscuit dough wrapped around brie cheese, dusted with powdered sugar, and drizzled with strawberry sauce.
Courtesy Rodeo Goat

What can you do with a basic can of biscuit dough and a wheel of brie? Make magic. From your favorite burger joint comes a recipe for lightly fried, sweet and savory Goat Balls. Although the name may conjure up an awkward run-in with a farm animal, these sweet treats will transport you to Rodeo Goat’s sun-drenched patio. Make these from the comfort of your kitchen, top with the sauce of your choice, and bite into the gooey centerAll you need is a vessel for frying and about 10 minutes out of your afternoon. (Could you substitute goat cheese instead? We think you could.)  


Goat Balls

1 can readytobake biscuit dough (8 pieces)
8ounce wheel of brie, divided into quarter-ounce bits
Flour, as needed
Powdered sugar, as needed
Blackberry sauce or favorite fruit jelly   

Cut one piece of the biscuit dough into four equal partsYou should get about 32 when it’s all said and cut. Wrap one part of biscuit dough around a quarter-ounce of brie, then lightly roll dough ball in flour and place onto baking sheet. Cover with plastic wrap and place into freezer, until ready to cook. Using a deep fryer or heavy-bottom pot, bring shortening to a temperature of 350°F.

Gently drop dough balls into oil and fry until crispy and golden, about four to five minutes before placing onto plate with napkin to absorb excess shortening. Finally, set fried dough balls into bowl, drizzle with favorite sauce (blackberry or raspberry is great), and dust with powdered sugar. Yields around 32 balls.


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