Five Dallas Chefs to Follow to the Austin Food + Wine Festival

Grilling and tacos at the state’s capital.

You have two weeks before the Austin Food + Wine Festival, and unlike the Buffalo Gap Wine & Food Summit at Perini Ranch one weekend earlier, tickets for the April 28-30 weekend of culinary fun are not yet sold out.

The festival, now in its sixth year, is the brainchild of Fort Worth’s Tim Love, ever full of bravado at grilling demos whose smoke plumes are visible, one assumes, from space. There are always a few New York chefs, and this year’s newcomer Ludo Lefebvre, whose Los Angeles restaurants are some of the hottest nationally. Mostly it’s a showcase for Texas talent. This year, our Dallas envoys are Omar Flores (Casa Rubia), Matt Balke (Bolsa), Julian Barsotti (Nonna, Carbone’s, Sprezza), Nilton “Junior” Borges (The Joule), and Coner Seargeant (CBD Provisions).

Friday and Saturday evening culinary showdowns include Rock Your Taco, a testament to the taco’s brilliance as vehicle for inventive riffs. And you may come away with new ideas from the series of talks and demonstrations spread over two days.

Tickets include the All-In ($625) and Weekender ($250).