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Chef Richard Graff is Leaving the Meddlesome Moth. And Dallas

A plum of a chef job just popped up in Dallas.
By Nancy Nichols |

I hate it when great chefs leave Dallas. However, I won’t give the talented Richard Graff a hard time for packing up his knives and heading to be with family in Philadelphia. “Chef Rick is retiring to Philadelphia where his grand kids and family reside after first undergoing a much needed carpel tunnel surgery to repair tendons in his hand. I guess years and years of wielding a chef’s knife finally took its toll,” says Shannon Wynne, head honcho at Meddlesome Moth. Many of you will also remember Graff from his time at Gemma.

That’s a bummer for the best—wait for it—gastropub menu in Dallas. It certainly caught Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attention. He dined there last night. Who will fill Graff’s space? The press release says they are looking for someone. Jump ball and jump fast, chefs.

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