The best gluten-free cinnamon roll in Dallas. (Photography by Catherine Downes)

Eat This Now: The Best Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll in Dallas

Gluten-free baked goods are hard to find. I just discovered a cinnamon roll that is gluten-free and delicious.

Larissa Wilson grew up baking the recipes passed down by her grandmother. After she was diagnosed with celiac disease, she refocused her passion and began developing gluten-free treats. Her young daughter Hannah suffered from several food and nut allergies, so Wilson created cookies, cakes, and pastries for her.

When Hannah was 6, she told her mother, “I want to start a bakery for people like me.” Eventually, Wilson quit her day job and did just that.

You can find Larissa and Hannah hawking their baked goods from Hannah’s Gluten-Free Bakery every Saturday at The Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market. The Opening Bell also carries a nice assortment.

Check out her website. Or give her a call 469-708-9864. They are the best gluten-free baked goods I’ve found.