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Eat This Now: The Steaming Pile at Rodeo Goat

This mysterious dish is worth a try.
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The steaming pile. Photo by Catherine Downes.

Eat This Now: The Steaming Pile at Rodeo Goat

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the “Steaming Pile” off the menu at Rodeo Goat last week. A steaming pile of what exactly? There was no description next to the dish, but my waitresses insisted that it was delicious. I trusted her.

Minutes later, a mound of piping hot cheese-filled tater tots arrived at my table. The grated and fried potatoes came smothered in bacon bits, more cheese, and were topped with an over easy egg. Naturally, I poked the yolk with my fork — as a yellow river oozed over the greasy nuggets I knew that I was in for a gut-busting treat.

The dish costs $7 and looks deceptively small, but it is rich enough to work as an entrée or feed a table of four as an appetizer. As if cheese, bacon, and an egg weren’t already enough, the tots are served with a side of house-made spicy ranch dressing. You’ll definitely want to dunk those suckers.