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Found: Easter Egg Radishes, Roasted with Brown Butter, Lemon, & Tops

Rich and soft, these colorful little veg pack a lot of flavor.
By Rochell Van Deurzen |

Organic Easter egg radishes, how are we just now meeting??

Pink, white, shades of purple…I almost just wanted to keep looking at them instead of eating them.

Just kidding, I definitely was going to eat them.

roast-radishesRinsed, halved, oiled, salted, roasted at 450 for 17-20 minutes, these were already perfect. But the radish tops were so bright and firm…so I chopped some up and tossed them in.

Then I browned some butter in a saucepan, added a squeeze of lemon juice, and drizzled the mix over the radishes and greens.

Candy. These are pretty much candy. They are soft with lightly crisp skins, getting tartness from the tops and lemon, and richness from the browned butter. I think next time, I need to mix these with the rainbow carrots I found last week at Green Grocer. (Radishes found at Plano Central Market).