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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Cookbook for Sous Vide Amateurs

This nice husband would like to help his wife bring out her inner Thomas Keller. He asks a lot of questions about sous vide cooking.

This nice husband would like to help his wife bring out her inner Thomas Keller. He asks a lot of questions:

My wife just got back to Dallas from Ohio.  She was treated to many great homecooked meals.  She told me she especially enjoyed sous vide cooked pork chops. How important is the absolute vacuum?  It would be easy to get most of the air out of the bag without expensive, special equipment.  Are there cook books for amateurs that give sous vide focus ?


  • Rob

    I have a Sous Vide Supreme ( and they have a great website to help with recipes as does Modernist Cookbook website. If you are doing 72 hour short ribs, I would recommend getting a real vacuum sealer but you might be able to get away with less sealing for shorter projects but just know you might run the risk.

    It’s a lot of fun to play around with and try different recipes and the cost of use is very inexpensive.

  • speedmac

    Buy some vacuum bags at the grocery- they work fine and come with a pump. For longer cooking times you can double bag. Check out for how to basics and recipes. Foodsaver pumps will not work well for liquids, but work ok on most dry sous vide recipes. Vacuum chambers are the best but they are expensive and take lots of counter space. Lots of experimentation here: ::

  • Mise en place101

    There is a website called There you will find a plethora of info for sous vide as well equipment suggestions for the home cook, and most of it is free!

  • TheBradsBlog

    Keller’s Under Pressure, and Modernist Cuisine at Home are excellent hardcore reference.
    I was just flipping through Molecular Gastronomy at Home which has some good starter info.
    I second

  • Tim

    Visit – the guys that started this were involved in the writing of Modernist Cuisine.

    For a book, Modernist Cuisine at Home.

    All you need for Sous Vide is a good digital thermometer, ziploc style bags and a large pot on a burner. Using water displacement your can remove the air from a bag.

    Anova makes immersion circlators that are designed for home use and they are only $200. Cheaper than Sous Vide Supreme are more versatile in the kitchen.

  • hungry

    as an aside … I’ve always wanted to try Sous Vide …are there any restaurants that cook with it in Dallas?

  • Dale Prentice our cookbook At home with sous vide offers the starting sous vide cook in depth information and recipe with full page photos of each dish.

  • Dale Prentice our cookbook At Home with sous vide will get you well on your way