Brian Black, Owner of Mi Piaci, is Not Happy

Mi Piaci owner Brian Black is pissed off.

Mi Piaci closed on May 18, 2014. A sign posted on the front door noted the landlord had changed the locks on owner Brian Black for failure to pay rent. On May 14, the landlord announced the opening of Cucina Neighborhood Italian Restaurant in the same space. Mr. Black is fightin’ mad.
This just in:
SUBJECT: Statement from Brian Black of the former Mi Piaci Cucina
 Mi Piaci Cucina Italiana in Park Cities was taken from me by my ex-lawyer/ ex- business partner. Through the use of unethical legal practices, my ex-business partner stole the restaurant from me.  I will be filing a lawsuit against her and others for their actions. A new restaurant is being opened in the same venue as the former Mi Piaci Cucina by my ex partner and the landlord. They are attempting to imitate Mi Piaci by using the same menu and staff from the former Mi Piaci Cucina.  The principles and family members that have been involved with the Mi Piaci brand since 1991 have NO affiliation to this new restaurant.  This malicious and unscrupulous act will be met with swift and just response.
Brian Black
In a letter to his customers he writes:
We would like to thank all of our loyal Mi Piaci customers who have supported us for over twenty-three years. We could not have done it without you and we wish all of our Mi Piaci friends and family only the best. As many of you know, we closed our doors last month due to circumstances beyond our control. Basically, Mi Piaci Cucina Italiana in Park Cities was taken from me by my ex-lawyer/ex-business partner. Through the use of unethical legal practices, my ex-business partner stole the restaurant from me. I will be filing a lawsuit against her and others for their actions. A new restaurant is being opened in the same venue as the former Mi Piaci Cucina by my ex-business partner and the Landlord. They are attempting to imitate Mi Piaci by using the same menu and staff from the former Mi Piaci Cucina. The principles and family members that have been involved with the Mi Piaci Brand since 1991 have NO affiliation with this new restaurant. This malicious and unscrupulous act will be met with swift and just response. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook for more information.


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75 responses to “Brian Black, Owner of Mi Piaci, is Not Happy”

  1. Piper S says:

    Good Luck Brian. It is unfortunate what happened however your landlord has always had a bad reputation think early days…Mr. Lupton,
    Phil Romano and now his soon to be ex-wife. Find a better landlord and location.

  2. Colette says:

    Brian this is unfortunate to hear. We were hoping you were re opening but we wish you the best as well. We have been frequenting MiPiaci since before you took over. What a shame and loss to the Dallas community. RIP good Italian food!

  3. DallasAlice says:

    you should do a history of the landlord Mr. Crossland’s life. It would make a steamy movie…

  4. Touchstone13 says:

    It seems odd to me that Mr. Black is always blaming his restaurant failures on others. Il Sole was very oddly run with ordinary food. He abandoned/was evicted from his beautiful location on Montfort where the quality of the food declined year over year. Then he changes his original concept of Ocho to a new Mi Piaci location at which time he ousted most of his staff with no notice. Now this. Who is the common denominator here?

  5. Mr Obvious says:

    Exactly. Typically when you pay your rent you don’t have these sorts of problems. I also find it interesting that somehow the landlord is always the one to blame. Did the landlord force Mr. Black to sign a lease under duress?

  6. Claire says:

    Yes very true!

  7. Claire says:

    Also true but the location can’t sustain anything
    And if the landlord is Crosland indeed then he is not the most trustworthy person to deal with either. We know better.

  8. Suzanne says:

    We wish you the best . MiPiaci has long been a favorite of ours from engagements to births, promotions and celebrations. You and your staff were always so helpful and attentive. Thank you.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Please share.

  10. Lisa Georgalis says:

    I would bet Brian will come back strong with a new location for Mi Piaci or a brand new concept. The Preston Center location has proven itself difficult, but Mr. Black’s track record is solid. Mi Piaci will always be remembered as having a fabulous Italian wine selection, house made pastas, high quality meats, beautiful cheeses, and superior service. Looking forward to the next venture from Brian and family.

    • BBH says:

      House mad pasta…out of a box…check out Costco for your line caught salmon. Not sure if you can call bagged frozen fish from Costco the highest quality..Face it… Brian has screwed too many people and karma has made its full circle…..

  11. Peggie O'Neill says:

    That’s terrible. Karma never loses an address.
    I wish Brian and the staff all the best. Such a loss for us clients.

  12. Shawn C says:

    You will bounce back from this and I bet a new Mi Piaci will open in a better location before the end of the year. Your partner on the other hand needs more than good luck in that tainted and cursed location. We will not support an imitated MiPiaci and neither will any of our friends. Sorry to hear this news though.
    Looking forward to your next venture. Best of luck.


  13. Mr Assumption says:

    All I see in regards to these posts, is many assumptions, which are not based on facts. The facts are a restaurant, which had a solid reputation, on many review sites, is now being run by the ex-lawyer/business partner. Should the facts above be true, there is not only grounds for both civil but possible criminal charges for the ex-lawyer, but also disbarment from practicing law. A lawyer has a fiduciary duty to protect the client, in this case the partnership of the restaurant since it was an business partner and lawyer, this breached the core principle of the legal system and the lawyer should lose their license to practice law, which in this case the state of Texas. This goes further than this and as described, whether reading what was signed or not, due to the fiduciary duty breach, is outright fraud, which has criminal penalties.

  14. Nick Suranyi says:

    I flew 139 times last year, which equates to many countries, cities, and restaurants. Whenever I would visit Dallas over the years, I would make it a point to visit the creations of Brian Black. Whether it was Il Sole, Mi Piaci, or Ocho, they all had a common theme, great food and great owner. I will continue to trust both taking and sending clients to the next creation of Brian Black.

  15. Lillian says:

    Reminder: Brian Black packed up il Sole in the middle of the night and defaulted on his lease, I believe he blamed the landlords for that as well

  16. Peter says:

    Sounds to me there is more to the story. Guy opened a restaurant in 3 different locations and HE is always the victim??? Can’t believe landlords expect rent!

  17. Lillian says:

    Looks like Mr. Black’s years of stiffing landlords finally caught up with him.

    REMINDER: Brian Black and wife, Sonia, packed up il Sole in the middle of the night, defaulted on their lease and he placed the blame of the landlords.

    How many times has he done this?? Feeling no pity for Brian Black.

  18. KC dallas says:

    I am sure there are two sides to the story. But personally I am just depressed I won’t have access to that black crab pasta dish. Oh I loved that dish. Feeling like I may need to get that recipe somehow.

  19. Ruben says:

    I coldn’t agree more. Poor business practices and lack of ethical treatment towards your clients/employees put this once great restaurant out of business. What goes around, comes around. It was only a matter of time.

  20. BBH says:

    Poor silver spoon Brian…. A great quote..from post….from the original Mi piaci sob story of the landlord locking him out. If my fav…. “Sounds Like some Stinky Business”….I Can’t what for the next article to come out…what will the next,” Stinky business” article be…stay tuned..whiny Brian will be sure to write an email.

  21. Maureen Redman says:

    This is so sad. We love mi piaci and are disappointed that this is happening. Praying this is resolved and justice is served for the Blacks

    • Dic says:

      Maureen.. I pray….. Brian would pay back all the money he owes and publicly apologize to all the people he has screwed over the last 23 years. Open the closed eyes to see the world is not out to get poor poor Brian but maybe just maybe, his fast and loose living of lie cheat and steal has final caught up to him.

  22. Dic says:

    Venga Venga

  23. Greg M says:

    Dic you really live up to your name. Why don’t
    you post your real name instead of hiding
    like a coward. Also learn how to speak and
    write the English language DIC

  24. Greg M says:

    You really live up to your name. Stop
    hiding like a coward and use your real name
    and while your at it learn to speak and write the
    English language.

  25. Big Tex says:


    It is resolved and justice will be served when Brian Black finally lands in jail and someone’s bitch.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Brian Black blamed the demise of Il Sole, Ocho, Mi Piaci- Monfort and now Mi Piaci – Preston on those that tried to help him. Once again he has left investors, landlords, vendors and employees holding the bag but simply not paying his bills. Shame on Brian.

  27. DiC says:

    Sorry Greg M. I am not hiding like a coward nor do I have problem writing the English language. I just WANTED TO PRAY FOR POOR,POOR, POOR, POOR..CRYING A RIVER BRIAN BLACK.

  28. Big Tex says:


    It is resolved. Justice will not be served until Mr. Black is sitting in jail and has become someone’s girlfriend!

  29. DiC says:

    You should do a background check on Brian. It would make Steamy Movie as well.

  30. Nancy Nichols says:

    Play nicer, people. I deleted a couple of comments that added nothing to the conversation.

    • Bri says:

      Thanks Nancy for stepping in. I couldn’t believe
      some of the comments. I think we all can see
      that there are some disgruntled enemies or
      past co workers on here. Let’s keep the
      Conversations real on here. I actually used
      to dine at Il Sole. It was a wonderful place and
      was around for awhile so not sure why people
      Bashing that concept. And MiPiaci was around
      23 years so he must know how to do something
      right. I was never a fan of Ocho but there was
      a group of people involved in that because I
      tried to get a donation for our abused children
      charity and the pr marketing people could not
      get approval from the landlord. Weird.

      Well Mipiaci in Addison was a Dallas icon. And
      I wish they could have made it in this tough
      business. I hope all the employees and owners
      find new opportunities. Preferably back in

  31. Samantha says:

    That same landlord screwed my husband many years ago over a real estate deal. Plus that location is like a death sentence. We never visited the new location because we would not support any Crosland location but we sure loved Mipiaci when it was up North. It was a dallas favorite for 23 years. I know the Blacks have supported march of dimes and the heart association of dallas for many years. Charitable donations from Mipiaci we have always counted on. I think thats where the big focus should be and the bigger picture is that their restaurants helped our cause. Good luck to the blacks on their next ventures!

  32. Lisa Georgalis says:

    Not sure about the Salmon, but having lived in the neighborhood directly behind the Addison location, I know who their meat (beef specifically) provider was and it wasn’t Costco. My children grew up eating there weekly, and were able to make homemade pasta with 2 of their very talented head chefs over the years. I have nothing to say as far as karma. I have nothing but fond memories and good meals to remember from both Brian and his family.

  33. BBH says:

    Keep it real. Real is not paying bills. Real is trying to screw landlords and staff by running out in the middle of the night as mentioned above. Real is, this has been going on for 23 years………….Kept it real Bri

  34. ANNA says:

    Finally the table is turn of you! Their are clean you up like a chicken in a boiling water and you thought you are smart?
    It is Karma all about Karma maybe you shall go to some kind of group and start asking forgiveness to others you step on face.
    The Paradise , The Hell and the Purgatory it is here on earth!
    In my Country Italy we say this:
    Do good and forget about it
    do bad things and think about it
    Yes Mr. Black now think about it why all this is happening to you?
    well Think about it! and remember nothing is forever nothing!

  35. ANNA says:

    Finally the table is turn of you! Their are clean you up like a chicken in a boiling water and you thought you are smart?
    It is Karma all about Karma maybe you shall go to some kind of group and start asking forgiveness to others you step on face.
    The Paradise , The Hell and the Purgatory it is here on earth!
    In my Country Italy we say this:
    Do good and forget about it
    do bad things and think about it
    Yes Mr. Black now think about it why all this is happening to you?
    well Think about it!

  36. ANNA says:

    Hello Ruben I agree with you!
    when a person kill the goose of the golden egg… you know what happen right?
    Guess what his waiters did to guests? discriminating them if the guest did not had a fancy car and a suit guess what? you get a new waitress the Albanese ( fake Italian) he wanted only the cream of the guests ….in my country Italy we say this: If you do not know how to Hammer do not break the heads of the nails! hahahah see laugh good who laugh at end. Well done Karma!

  37. Carie T says:

    Your comments seem to be about more than the issues we are to be commenting about. It seems you need to find another forum perhaps call the owner himself or email him or something but I dont appreciate this type of bashing of characters on here. You comment after any nice comment on here. I don’t think that’s very fair or ethical. We comment once and we move on. I was a diner at both locations and on their sol promotions and we loved the food. Hated the service. But always came back for the good. I met the owner on multiple occasions over the last 8 years that I have been in Dallas and he was very nice to us. We will miss MiPiaci.

  38. RV7 says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Mr. Black has a history of not paying his creditors, and is known in some circles as a “crook.”

  39. Doug Peterson says:

    We loved MiPiaci and Brian has always treated us like family whenever we visited his establishment.

  40. Ruben says:

    };-) …killed the goose of the golden eggs. HA! Excellent analogy.

  41. ANNA says:

    I am a professional restaurant and hotel of Cavalier of Hilton of Italy with over 1800 hours of training and study to 5 stars service been second student out of 100 I was the best in my school in Italy
    and Mr. Black in his light brown suit and shining shoes with a spoil brat face told me over 15 years ago I was not good enough for him?
    You have insulted my intelligence that day, You have humiliated me of my work and time to study hours of study and training in Italy in the best Hotel restaurant you can never afford! and the best Italian food you never eat in your whole life! I have eating in my school over 3000 dishes of the best of the best of Italian cuisine! you will dream of it! and I can cook that darn it! my husband dis my only person I cook for.
    I did without you Mr. black I work now and have no boss I am a business woman.
    and you? what happen to you?
    the talk of the town “The failure” The crying wolf
    shame on you Mr. black I write you name small letter because you have narrow mind…
    Next time learn how to respect people
    Especially the one that you want to represent the food The Italians!
    God is great!

  42. ANNA says:

    why you are keeping deleting my post?
    This man is not a Saint and I am not writing a rosary over him
    he is a total jerk!

    You should not delete my post and please ad again what you deleted I want to people know who he really his

    • ANNA says:

      I want the reader know more about him! they need to know how he hurt me , insulting me my intelligence of over 1800 study of Cavalier of Hilton in Italy I was practically too professional to work for Mi piaci
      Hullahala where is mi Piaci now?
      Ma va a affanculo!

  43. ANNA says:

    to:Nancy Nichols
    When you throw the stones do not hide your hands!
    this is an old Italian said
    so please let the reader write all they fillings towards this jerk.
    Kind Regards

    • PTB says:

      Anna whoever you are- you have no class. I don’t even know the owner just the establishment and I can’t believe how you are trying to portray anyone on here. Use your real name and login if your so set on telling your story. Your writing makes no sense and we don’t care about your Italian sayings. This is USA – speak English and speak clearly. Stop talking in circles and say what you want to say without hiding behind a fake profile.

      This fan will miss the arrabiatta!

    • Nancy Nichols says:

      Anna, I didn’t throw stones. And I use both of my names. I like to try and keep things somewhat civil on this forum. I understand there are a lot of emotions, and if you would like us to know how he hurt you, then use your real name and write one post with your story. We don’t allow obscenities but I know enough Italian to realize your rage. Some of your posts were automatically deleted for obscenities. I can’t control that. we have a filter that takes them out. so keep it clean and make your points.

  44. Ruben says:

    The story based on these veridical events, should be titled: “The ‘Great’ RISTORANTE That USED to BE”, for obvious reasons. And it should teach us “kids”, that one may be able to fool some people ALL the time, one may even be able to fool all people SOME of the time, but it’s impossible (or, at the very least highly improbable) to fool ALL people ALL the time. Anyone involved during the last 10 years with the former management (mismanagement..?) of -Mi Piaci Ristorante ltaliano- can attest and easily relate to that teaching. To all those persons, l’d like to say that the lessons you willingly spread, are appreciated. Now, more important, all those lessons you UNwillingly taught us, truly are invaluable pieces of wisdom. Those “teachings” are the ones to be treasured and keep fresh in mind for a very long time. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Sirs, have a very good day…sirs. GRAZIE!

  45. ANNA says:

    Ok this is USA great
    stop making Italian fake foods Then
    my name is Anna I write English as the way you guys talk ” slang” you guys do not talk a perfect English so please stop!
    and stop to make fake Italian food
    There is no real Italian food in USA
    only at my house
    I have more class that you can imagine it is just not your cup of tea
    my family in Italy has been in business for over 100 years
    with great class and reputations
    I am proud of me what ever you say I do not care will never hurt me
    I know who I am and where I come from.
    Best Regards

  46. ANNA says:

    learn Italian before you write Italian language
    arrabiata is with one T hahahha
    I know who you are …. you are the son of … and this is getting juicy

    there is no real Italian food in USA
    only at my house There is a real Italian food ( every day) I make my own ciabatta too..
    This is become my Motto!

    by the way I can telling you in Italian lot of things but you do not read Italian, you do not write Italian, you do not speak Italian, so I have not fun writing you. you do not even eat real Italian foods so please shut up! Stai Zitto.

    • Josh says:

      I hope Nancy sees this tomorrow and blocks you. Find another forum – Anna- to lash out on people. We get you don’t like the owner. We don’t really care. We are here to talk about the statement written by MiPiaci. Get a life and go hassle a REAL Italian restaurant where you live in Italy… Since you keep saying your so Italian. We won’t miss you!

    • Nancy Nichols says:

      Anna, there is not a good plate of Tex-Mex in Rome either. Stay on point.

  47. Ruben says:

    Speak english? Usted habla espanol? Parla italiani signore? Vous parlez francois?

    …isn’t wonderful to live in multi-cultural country? Stay cool!

  48. ANNA says:

    Hi Ruben
    I speak 3 languages and some Arabs so I can tell in many way how to people to get lost hahah but I am having a confrontation with some small town boy or girl here
    I travel half of the world and I can deal with

  49. ANNA says:

    x Ruben io parlo e scrivo la mia lingua italiana
    scrivo perfetto e parlo perfetto
    non so se questo verra’ pubblicato ma debbo dirti che il signore del ristorante e’ davvero un uomo di merda.

  50. ANNA says:

    purtroppo non hanno pubblicato quello che avevo scritto
    ma tu lo sai cosa volevo dire

  51. becky arlington texas says:

    Please Nancy you may need to take this forum down. I am a fan of your blogs but you got the same people on here – that are either former employees just mad they were left without a job and a crazy lady who keeps bashing everyone and giving us talks about Karma. Anna obviously is either the ex business partner or the landlord or someone the owner crossed the wrong way but we dont need to see a post from her commenting on everything else on here. And Ruben – you seemed to have worked for them for 10 plus years so what does your character say about you bashing them now – why did you stay that long? I am done with this story. It is old news. I am ready to move on to the next.

  52. ANNA says:

    sure I am not off topics I am talking about this why the Mi Piaci restaurant has failure? ok why?
    see you do not need to be cute to run a restaurant
    you just need to be honest with people to be in business
    but of course business has no conscience!
    so what? they can block me? who cares? the restaurant will be never reopen that is for sure
    and what do you care? because I am Italian? so you are racist and if you are racist do not go eat to any Italian place then OK? go eat hamburger and French fries lift your cholesterol more higher like you ego.
    Kind regards

  53. ANNA says:

    please Josh tell me one more thing
    how can a Captain loose his boat??????
    May be a Captain loose his boat because he rock someone else boat?
    when a captain do not catch fish and ask 130K loan to run the boat ???
    when a Captain do not pay rent???
    we are in topic here not off topics
    so please if she deleted my writing then is right at all

  54. ANNA says:

    hypocrite people do not like to hear the truth

  55. ANNA says:

    I am not an employee darling
    yes it is about Karma are you scared about Karma?.
    is Karma Taboo
    for you?
    do you know about Karma?
    well do good and you shall received good
    he did not received good wonder way?

  56. Ruben says:

    So speaking (in this case, writing), the truth equals bashing nowadays, uh..? You learn something new everyday, l guess. Live and learn, people. That’s the point l try to get accross. A decent person, such as myself, wouldn’t speak half of what l know about this matter. So, no worries there. You see? I’m even using my real first name. My last name?it starts with M. Do we know each other by chance? Stay cool, summer is here and it’s getting hotter outside. Sit back and RELAX. Enjoy!

  57. John m says:

    This chic? Is crazy. Definitely not the forum Anna.

  58. Nancy Nichols says:

    I was on deadline yesterday and I am just catching up. I agree with you. Thanks,

  59. Nancy Nichols says:

    Anna, if you have a story to tell, send it to me in an email [email protected]. You are off the topic and not doing anything to further a meaningful conversation.

  60. Nancy Nichols says:

    I did not delete your posts. Our filtering system did because of several words you used.

  61. Nancy Nichols says:

    Hello Readers,
    I believe we have exhausted this conversation. SideDish is the only blog on our site that doesn’t have a wait for moderation. I fought hard to avoid that because I believe we can carry on a conversation without it spinning out of control.I do not want to lose that “freedom” so I am going to cut the comments off. I will leave up what exists. If anyone has something to add, email me. And if you are going to throw stones, use your real name. Thank you all for your insight. There is a lot to think about and research.

  62. Occam's Razor says:

    Unfortunately, Brian Black has more bravado than good sense. He’s finally placed the last nail in his coffin by continually acting unscrupulously. It’s known amongst restauranteurs and vendors that Black does not pay his creditors or employees, that he sells inferior products for superior prices yet always blames other people for problems in his business ventures. He’s better suited to sell used cars or snake oil.

    • BBH says:

      HAs any checked out the new Cucina. Curious to know if the same staff is working their. I wouldn’t put it past Black to pull a fast one, come up with some elaborate story to wipe his slate clean just to get out of his past due vendor bills and keep going as usual….

  63. Carlos Tomas says:

    Ms Anna. You sound like it no body just a stupid resented B !!! Pls at least consider that you sound like trash !!! I was born in Italy ! Italians. Italians de verdad !!!! And your story sounds …….. Like ….. Mr Black was right when he let you go. ……. Crazy. Go where you belongs,,,,,,, the Blacks are great people

  64. Carlos Tomas says:

    Ja ja be serious !!!!!! You are just a stupid ind trash!!!!! You have never been in Italy !!! Good luck on your dreams