Goodfriend's grilled cheese (photography by Kevin Marple)

Best of Big D: What is the Best Sandwich Shop in Dallas?

Go cast your vote. That melted cheese is counting on you.

Cristina Daglas, our editor, hates hot sandwiches with deli meat in them. (Nancy wrote about this last week in her post, “Let’s Talk about Bizarre Food Aversions!“)

I think she’s cuckoo.

When the sandwich lady/man at Potbelly asks you if you’d like to get your bread toasted, it only makes sense to say yes. Yes, yes, yes. Your head should be nodding vigorously, your tail should be wagging like crazy.

Anyway, my point being: sandwiches. They are America’s bread and butter. We eat PB&J’s, ham and cheese, tuna, and grilled cheese sandwiches like it’s nobody’s business. Which shop in Dallas, then, deserves the crowning glory of Sandwich King?

Is it Jimmy’s, Off-Site, Bolsa Mercado, East Hampton Sandwich Co., The Great American Hero, Deli News, Eatzi’s, Kuby’s, the Corner Market, or The Great Outdoors? Cast your vote here. Daily. 



  • Ron

    Mr. G’s Deli in Plano, hands down best in Big D…

  • joy

    uncle ubers sammich shop!