The Purple Cow at Preston Royal is Closed

No more purple milkshakes and blue cheese burgers.

The Purple Cow's purple milkshake is no more.
The Purple Cow’s purple milkshake is no more.

Dan Koller over at People Newspapers has photographic evidence that the Purple Cow is dead. There will be no more blue cheese burgers and purple milkshakes at Preston Royal Village, my friends. You’ll have to use your imagination from now on.

After two other Purple Cows retired last year, the one at Preston Royal Village was the last remaining one.

According to the sign outside its door, the Purple Cow closed on Wednesday, March 5, after 16 long years in business.



  • Neimon Beavers-Realtor

    This was the get away spot for open lunch or to meet with friends for lunch! I’m sad to see them go.

  • Michael Merriman

    That’s terrible. My kids loved it, and I loved their black bean veggie burgers, and the excellent malts and shakes were served with the metal mixing can… Mmmmmmgood. They were always packed. How could they go under?

  • Steve0

    While I’m sad for any business that goes under, I can’t say that I’m surprised. What other restaurant makes a ham and cheese with literally cold ham and cold cheese on wonder bread? One could (not that they would) do that at home, and for about a tenth of the price. The service was also terrible, which seemingly was comprised almost entirely of high school kids who had no experience or interest in kids or their parents. Their high chairs were also always filthy. And I’m a dude.