Where are the Wine Deals in Dallas Restaurants?

We're looking for restaurants that offer by-the-bottle discounts on wine on a regular basis. Help us compile a list.

Remember when the economy tanked and restaurants panicked. Most upscale restaurateurs slashed the markup on the wines in their pricey lists. I remember the flood of emails touting 50% off premium wines. I remember wondering  how they could ever go back up on their prices once customers got used to paying less. I guess the answer is to do it slowly over time and be thankful for a booming economy.

I bring this up because a friend of mine asked me for a list of restaurants that offer wine-by-the-bottle discounts on a regular basis. Veritas and Carbone’s rolled off my tongue and then I stopped.  If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear it.


  • littleloo

    Palomino, Olivella’s, BYOB @ CANE ROSSO,

  • LoveLocal

    Urban Vines (by White Rock Lake, on the Garland Road side) offers 30% off bottles every Wednesday. They have other specials too. Cute place and a great fireplace outside. We love them.

  • HonchoTyler

    Chamberlain’s Chop House always has a couple of pages at the front of the wine list with deeply discounted selections.

  • Maria Whiteside Mejia

    I discovered in my search for good deals Wed -Cane Rosso BYOB, 30% off at The Grape. Friday -at Boulevardier 1/2 off champagne bottles for Happy Hour. Looking forward to more options.

    • NotDoyley

      Momo’s on Forest just west of Greenville is BYOB
      Caravelle in Richardson is BYOB

  • Jimmy

    Osihii Wednesday – 1/2 price bottles. Just went to Orgin last night for 1/2 price by the glass. I think State and Allen does 1/2 off Wednesday as well. Breadwinners might have a 1/2 price night too. It a great deal for weeknight dining out.

  • Lovestomixitup

    My girlfriends and I love Cru on Thursdays for half price Champagne!

    • BorntoRhone

      Cru also does 1/3rd off bottles on Sunday and free pizza with a bottle on Monday.