Lakewood Brewing Co. Releases Raspberry Temptress for Valentine’s Day

Here are all the places you can get it, too.

The Raspberry Temptress (photo by Matthew Shelley
The Raspberry Temptress (photo by Matthew Shelley

Well, since this is the sexiest week of the year, Lakewood Brewing Co. decided to strip the pantyhose off this dark Temptress beauty and don it with some yacht-level lingerie. In layman’s terms, they added a raspberry puree to the finishing process. This Raspberry Temptress is a mouth-watering Imperial Milk Stout. It’s sophisticated, sweet, dense, and oh-so-sexy on the palate. It took more than 300 pounds of this beautiful, magenta-colored berry to make enough puree for all the barrels of Temptress they’re sending out today. The raspberries add a mellowed tartness that excites the normally dense, sugary finish, and it immediately points your compass north. I suggest you use it on Friday to lock your object of affection into your sniper sights of lust and redemption.

Starting today, the Raspberry Temptress will be available on tap all over town. The list is very long, so you’re just going to have to cross your ankles and hope you land in the right place. Actually, I am feeling sweet today, so I’ll post a short list.


Some places to fill up or just have a glass on tap:

Whole Foods Market
Bearded Lady
Old Monk
Capitol Pub
Flying Saucer
Common Table
Alamo Draft House
Craft and Growler
Twilight Lounge
Lark on the Park
Trinity Hall
Lakewood 1st & 10
Bottle Shop
Dallas Beer Kitchen
And so many more