Mike Karns v Pat Snuffer Hearing Canceled. Will Snuffer’s Keep Pat’s Burger and Cheddar Fries From Opening?

The hearing scheduled for Snuffer's versus Pat Snuffer is canceled.

pats (1)Pat Snuffer was ordered to halt construction of his soon-to-open Pat’s Burger and Cheddar Fries on Greenville. You may recall, Mike Karns of Firebird Restaurant Group (El Fenix, Meso Maya) bought Snuffer’s debt and now owns all six locations. Karns was not too happy about the similarity between Snuffer’s and Pats Burger and Cheddar Fries. I can’t say I blame him. You sell your debt you no longer own your name. Just ask Mico Rodriguez. His financial screw-up cost him the ability to use any form of his name on a restaurant.

The hearing originally scheduled for December 19, was rescheduled for this morning. Dan Koller of Park Cities says today’s hearing has been canceled after a Friday afternoon conference call between the judge and the lawyers. Stay tuned.

Update 1:40PM: Robert Wilonsky reports Pat Snuffer and Mike Karns settled this weekend. Pats Burger and Cheese Fries will not open on Greenville Avenue. Instead, the space will be a new Snuffer’s.