I Am Still Sick of the Word: Foodie

Central Market enables foodies.
Central Market enables foodies.

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins posted a funny item yesterday: 12 signs of the new Dallas foodie revolution. Gubbshoe claims “ Dallas has two kinds of foodies”—old and new–and follows her thesis with a list that distinguishes them. Funny stuff. Except for one thing: her use of the term foodie. Wait, make that two: if one is old, they can’t be a foodie. The word wasn’t in use. We were/are gourmands or epicureans.

We discussed the tired moniker for people who love food in July 2009. This overused term needs to go away. Some of the potential substitutes included Fooderatti, Eatanistas, and Gastrognomes. I suggested we all embrace our inner nerdy, arrogant lust for food by calling ourselves Dishbags, but it didn’t really catch on. Read Teresa’s piece. Then make your comments here. If we get five or ten good ones, we’ll have a vote and the term will become part of the SideDish Stylebook. And I will dig up a prize for the winner.


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  • JtB


    • Gigi B

      love it.

  • TinyTony

    Dishbags is great. Live it.

  • JW68


  • LisaMo


  • Borborygmus

    New word suggestions:
    Omniphagous or Omniphagists

    Personally, I like the old fashioned “Feinschmeckers”.

  • sarajive

    Borborygmus is one of my favorite words!

    and while we’re at it, let’s stop using the word Veg. strongly dislike that word.

  • Greg Brown

    I am an audiophile, but that word connotes a certain snootyness and the image of owning $100k of vinyl- only equipment (don’t break into my house, you will be very disappointed). So I am left without an easily relatable term to use.

    Americans frown on any term with more than two syllables to describe their avocation. Too much snoot-factor otherwise. Ultimately, it ain’t what you call yourself, it’s what you are that matters.

  • Michael Merriman


    • Borborygmus

      Love it. I am such a nerd.

    • Gigi B

      This is great too!

  • Martin Klein


  • Anonymous


    • Nancy Nichols

      I’m warming up to this one. Robust, somewhat masculine and aggressive.

    • Sharon B

      Glutonian — the proportions my arse takes on when I eat too much!?!??!

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  • L.C.B.

    Gourmand. While we’re at it, let’s abolish pork belly. Ughhhh!

  • Avid Reader

    Other alternatives I found from looking through about 8 other blogs on this same subject:
    -Foodthusiast (Enfoodiast)

    But I like @Michael Merriman’s “Gastronaut” post.

  • Jeff Hayden

    And in three years you’ll hate whatever new term you choose.

  • Primi timpano


    Food Fan