• Ducky

    Andalous Mediterranean Grill in Irving. I got the veggie sampler at lunch and couldn’t even eat half of it, it was so much food. But that’s okay because it made great leftovers. The pita bread is amazing- they shovel it straight from the oven and into the basket for you to grab. I also really liked the couscous salad and pasta salad.

  • Scagnetti

    I had a very good meal at Peasant Cookery in Winnipeg. Small menu and very eclectic space.

    For a starter, I had French onion soup. I know that sounds mundane but this wasn’t the typical gloppy mess of cheese and bread that you get in most places.

    For a main, I had beef short rib with ratatouille, polenta, in a coffee adobo sauce. Fork tender and delicious.

    All this was accompanied by a carafe of Nero d’Avola, the ever popular wine of Sicily.

    Of course, what meal would be complete without a sweet? What else would do in Canada but a slice of shortcrust maple sugar pie! Surprisingly, it was not particularly sweet.

  • Margie Hubbard

    Having my first lunch from The Hospitality Sweet right now. And it is extremely good! Grilled gouda with ham and carmelized onion and a side of the orzo salad. I’ll definitely be going back. Maybe every day!

  • Tspoon

    Yao Fuzi on Saturday. Their ‘boiled spicy fish’ special was excellent. And first trip to HG Suply was great. Had mussels for app and a bowl with quinoa salad, steak, spicy broccoli and baby artichokes. Thrilled that it is within walking distance too.

  • Fowler Nordheim

    Dinner last Sunday with spouse at Cafe Pacific. Only a couple tables were occupied, probably due to the rain and day of the week, but the seafood was wonderful and service was sharp.

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