Twin Peaks to Debut its ‘Scenic Views’ in Mockingbird Station This Summer

girls_with_beerOh, lookie here! Mockingbird Station is adding class to its shopping, dining, and entertainment village. Once Twin Peaks, the famous chain breastaurant, opens inside 5307 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 240 in mid-June, couples can do what they’ve always dreamed: do date night at the Angelika and top off their romantic evenings at Twin Peaks. Then they can both enjoy a delicious dinner at a well-stocked restaurant. Together.

Twin Peaks is so great, it also functions perfectly for a bro date, too. It’s the ultimate destination and the “ultimate man cave” for the manliest of men. Growl.

“The mountain lodge-style sports restaurant, known for its scenic views, will open its rustic doors this summer in Suite 240 on the second level of Mockingbird Station. The eatery promises mouth-watering, high-quality comfort food, an extensive selection of 29-degree draft beer served from two full-service bars that boast 32 tap handles, a lively outdoor patio with two fire pits, and an inviting “Man Cave” space available for private party reservations.”

Sounds fabulous. Can’t wait.


  • Dubious Brother

    Very clever of you to use a picture of NN and one of her friends from back in the day with this post.

  • Sweetliberty

    does the writer use this derisive wordage to hide her homophobic desires or was hired by the left as another misandrist

  • Liz Johnstone

    I saw elsewhere that you don’t believe this world has any use for a newspaper like The New York Times. I find this interesting, since you don’t believe the world has a use for things such as capitalization, sentence structure, or punctuation. You think Carol has….latent homophobia because she thinks this restaurant concept is tacky, gross, and out of place in what was once intended as an upscale destination for shopping and entertainment? Is that what you’re alleging here? Because “homophobic desires” is weird, and since you’re a fan of Ted Cruz, I don’t think that’s actually what you meant.

    Frankly, though, if we wanna get back to what the world COULD use, a few more actual misandrists would not be amiss, what with all the misogynists running around thinking they know what’s up in a lady’s body parts. Please, tell us more how about how men are being denied their rights and/or social status.

  • Laurie

    OMG..what a hater. These restaurants are here to stay and I love em. I can hear the fat in your thighs, the grey in your hair and the screaming for help in your bling jeans that are way too tight where guys cringe in disgust when you walk by. These restaurants are safe, fun and will do great business in that area. Go back to Arthur’s and Ernie’s and suck on your scotch with the rest of your botox, crooked back, pot bellie wanna bees and leave the happy people alone. I can’t wait to go to Twin Peaks.

  • Carol Shih

    Do you mean “homosexual desires”? If I did (and I don’t), I wouldn’t be hiding it.

  • TaraC

    What is Mockingbird Station thinking? This is so disappointing.

  • critic

    Parking is a real pain already at Mockingbird Station.
    Oh well, the frat boys can walk over from the other side of Central and avoid a DUI or DWI. Whatever it is called in Texas.

    • twinwilow

      Doesn’t matter. I don’t think they’ll survive there very long.

  • conservexx

    It will be frequented by biz men from the next door ramada suites hotel (i think that’s what is there?) it’s a biz decision. Nothing in the retail space has lasted. Maybe it’ll disappear as quickly as it arrives.

  • Steve Davis

    Classy? An over rated burger place with a T&A schtick? Oh great I can hardly wait. I saw they were starting to work at the old Chaucer’s Steak Place next to Trinity Hall. We were all hoping it would be something good since the new Cafe Herrera’s totaly sucks. I’m sure everyone who offices over here will be real happy it’s a Twin Peeks.

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