SideDish on TV Audition: Dave Little, Jason Meyer, Jeff Hays, Don Cento

These dudes have already produced a fun video on tacos in Dallas. Here’s their pitch:

The Show: Little at Large
Abstract: Dave Little goes around town, man on the street style, interviewing local celebrities, chefs, and musicians, etc. The idea is to show “real” Dallas culture from the perspective of somebody who is involved in actually making it happen – Dave. In between interviews would be profiles of new restaurants, local bars, as well as cool shops (like “We Are 1976” or “Again”). Dave would talk to the owners, insert some humor here and there, and get to the bottom of what makes these places successful – while spotlighting their owners. From the music perspective, he would go to anticipated concerts, interviewing fans and the artists, and do a backstage of the venue. Dave’s band, the Dave Little Meltdown, would do performance “briefs” from All Good Café interspersed between each segment. His songs are very, very funny, so that would add additional humor.

Here the pilot they shot on tacos in Dallas.

Bio’s of all below. Let’s hear it for Dave, Jason, and Jeff!

Dave Little – One of DFW’s most well-known comedians. Has toured nationally and is a regular at the Addison Improv. He also does the Dave Little Meltdown, with Dallas music luminaries Salim Nourallah, Chad Stockslager (King Bucks) and Trey Carmichael (Sorta), among others.

Jason Meyer – PR pro at Cooksey Communications. Works with lots of regional clients in issues management and the professional services industry. Industry experience? I did the opening of Grace Restaurant a few years back in Fort Worth.

Jeff Hays
was one of the folks behind the Gordon Keith Show, and is a professional video guy… He’s the creative director of the spots.
Don Cento did the theme music and was a member of Chomsky, Shibboleth and his new project, El Cento. Put together the Bobby Patterson reunion gigs a few years back with Robert Wilonsky and Mike Snider.


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  • Mike

    Actually not too bad. I would be skeptical of the funny songs though.

  • James

    Show off…

    James- guy behind the computer

  • yesmelissa

    I LOVE Dave Little! His stand up cracks me up.