Restaurant Review: FT33 in Dallas Design District

(Clockwise from top left): FT33’s stark interior; red wattle nduja, hedgehog mushrooms, wild watercress, egg yolk, and tagliardi; smoked trout, frisee, celery root, caraway, and dill; smoked potatoes, maitake, chile kewpie mayo, and savory herbs. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

Matt McCallister likes to eat at Mission Chinese Food when he’s in New York City, and he once found a baby snake while foraging for spring onions. He runs 6 miles on a treadmill to take the edge off when he’s had a rough day. His wife, Iris, owns a small brownie-making concern. She is picky about the soaps she uses in her bathroom, and she got an awesome new computer for Christmas. I know these things about the McCallisters because I read Facebook and pay attention to Twitter.

I find it fascinating that so much of McCallister’s success—or, at the very least, his name recognition—has been generated through social media. Certainly his bio doesn’t suggest that he has done as much “gutter time” as other local talents. I’m not saying the man isn’t talented. But I do think he is the first prestigious Dallas chef to earn his celebrity status with food blogs and social media, before he opened his first restaurant. After just seven years in the business, he stands in the kitchen of the most talked-about restaurant in Dallas, FT33.


Have you been? Let us hear about it.


  • Glenn Campbell

    I went. The food was very creative. The best thing we had was something about pork three ways (there was some belly prepration, maybe loin). The service was spotty. The sommalier was excellent, and probably the best part of the service . Apparently hes gone. Not sure Ill return until they get their service straight.

  • runDMC

    Nothing inherently wrong with over wrought plate designs and tweezer food, but if you are going to be that fussy with presentation then the taste should always be spot on. At FT33 it isn’t, variability and disappointment has been the norm. The cheap, noisy interior is also at contrast with the high concept menu. Like monkfish en croute with parmesan foam at a Chuck E. Cheese.

  • JSon68

    I’ve been three times and only once was the chef there. This really bothered me.

    • dkv

      I’ve been three times myself, twice on a Friday and once on a Thursday night. All three times Matt was there. Maybe you have just been unlucky or it depends on what night you were there. I’d say our service was great on 2 of the trips and only good on the third. Food was excellent on all 3 occasions.

  • JSon68

    That could be the case. Food was good on two of my trips and the same goes for service – sometimes, they [waitstaff] seemed like drones going through the motions (admittedly, it takes a lot to describe his technique, etc.). I’ll go back for sure. It takes time for a restaurant to get up and going. I foresee some changes being implemented ( i.e., he already has a new GM)…

  • twohotpotatoes

    I’ve been twice and have been blown away both times. Service/food/wine were all spot on, and the dishes were imaginative and adventurous. Love, love, love FT33.

  • ElleP

    Went last night…all the food was excellent; I will say we waited a rather long time between appetizer and main course especially for a Wednesday night- so definitely agree with you on the service aspect, although our waiter was pleasant and didn’t see all too bored. Will definitely be returning to sample more…