Oishii Restaurant and Sal’s Pizza Damaged in Early Morning Blaze

(Photo by Jack Perkins)
Oishii kitchen. (Photo by Jack Perkins)

According to Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor, Oishii Restaurant on Wycliff burned down this morning. Sal’s Pizza, located next door, received damaged but Perkins says, ” Sal’s should be open in two or three days. Oishii is down for months.” I left word for the good folks at Oishii and will update soon.

UPDATE: Owner Joe Penland, friend of owner Thanh Nguyen, says there was no fire. I asked Jack Perkins to drive over and put his eyes on the scene. He just called and said, “People are milling around both restaurants with long faces. There was a fire here.” Sal’s is in good shape and Perkins said the Fire Department got there fast and saved the whole center from going down. He’s sending photos.

UPDATE: Joe Penland: “Yes, the restaurant has been basically destroyed.  I had lunch there yesterday, was taking my sushi loving nephew there tonight.  About the time you were emailing me, Thanh was calling me to come.  The fire started in the kitchen and was contained but LOTS of other damage.  I would say we are talking between a month and two.  What a tragedy as the “new” restaurant just opened and was so beautiful.”


  • Darren

    So sad to hear about this. Oishii had just come out of a beautiful renovation!

  • Harold G

    Nice remodel nice owners sad they work hard with a great product Harold g

  • jbh

    I was just there on Friday night – amazed by the renovations. Drove by Sunday morning on my way to church at 7:45am. The firemen had put it out and were still there afterwards around 9am. Great job by the firefighters as that entire complex could have easily caught fire and spread rapidly like Greenville Ave scenario.

  • Jaime

    We just ate there on Saturday, the second time since they renovated. It was a beautiful restaurant, only outdone by their amazing food. I am heartbroken!!! They’re the BEST sushi in Dallas, and we look forward to going back.

  • Godjilla

    So sad. My favoritest of favorite sushi restaurants in Dallas.

  • Eddie Van Derdys

    This is so sad… Such hard work and in just minutes all gone…. Hope it reopens soon… Both Oishii and Sal’s are integral part of the Park Cities, Oaklawn and Uptown communities… Good luck and hope to see both restaurants back to business soon!!!

  • G Wood

    Oishii shall rise again! I know that Thanh and family will make it better than ever!

  • Brooks Procter

    Really sad news. This was the best sushi restaurant in Dallas, and they had just come out of a complete and beautiful renovation. I’ve eaten there twice in the last two weeks.

  • Neal

    So. Anyone up for some crispy duck?

    Too soon? [*hangs head in shame*]

    I love Oishii and can’t wait for them to come back. It’s one of the best restaurants in Dallas and their renovation was amazing.

  • Liz

    Favorite sushi place!
    Does anyone know when Oishii will open again?