• Kelly

    Urbano last Friday night. Service was wonderful and we had our own little wine dinner, love that they are BYOB! The risotto balls were a tasty treat and the duck was delish!

  • Matt

    Ate at BBC. Phenomenal. Had the scotch egg and the Bangers and Mash. Also Mesa. Please go and patronize this divinely delicious restaurant.

  • Randy McCluer

    Great dinner at Lucia last night. Tajarin w/ rabbit polpettine, semolina ‘gnocchi’, and the pork chop with figs & onions were all awesome.

  • Gipson

    Somewhat inspired by Travis Awalt’s Indian chili recipe from a few weeks back, I made “Indian” shepherd’s pie over the weekend. A rich turkey stew spiced with garam masala, ginger, garlic, freshly toasted and ground cumin, cinnamon and clove. Every shepherd’s pie needs some chunks, so I added some toasted pine nuts, small cauliflower pieces and frozen corn, cause I had it and what are casseroles for if not to get rid of stuff?

    Topped it off with a mash of russet potato and cauliflower flavored with fenugreek. Very pleased with the results. Of course, the best part of making shepherd’s pie of any kind is that I can’t really make less than two. One pound of meat = two of my shepherd’s pies. So we always get two cheap meals out of it.

    We did venture out Wednesday night for our favorite: beers and gravy fries at the Holy Grail Pub in Plano. The Happy Hour is terrific: $3 Texas drafts (a good selection too) and $1 off all other drafts. And the Gravy Fries are simply the best “cheese” fries in town: a mountain of crispy hand-cut french fries enrobed in peppery brown gravy and melted cheese. It’s only $8 bucks and the two of us have never finished it, although that might be due to the inevitable flavor fatigue (or the 3+ beers we’ve filled up on).

  • Amy S

    Crossroads Diner’s Cinnamon Roll French Toast. O.M.G.

  • twinwillow

    Lunch at El Pulpo on W.12th Street in Oak Cliff. What a sleeper!
    A lovely Mexican seafood restaurant with welcoming service and delicious FRESH seafood. The shrimp quesadillas are killer!

  • Tomas

    Nova on Tuesday — had the salmon special, very nicely done. Tri-tip steak was a miss, do not recommend. Discounted oyster happy hour at Boulevardiere on Wednesday, with 1/2 price champagne. What a special way to save some money. Stampede 66 on Friday. They need to work a few thihngs out. Beautiful room, wonderful service and an over the top margarita that, despite the gimmicks, is really good. Homemade “freeto” pie and duck with duck sopapillas were both winners. Ridiculously small, uninventive and poorly presented devlied crab didn’t work at all. Still, we are ready to go back and try more things on the menu.

  • twohotpotatoes

    Stampede 66 on Thursday. Bar service was really slow, and they seemed overwhelmed, but table service was friendly and attentive. It was a fried extravaganza for us – fried chicken, fried catfish and chicken fried buffalo steak (umm, with a delicious gravy surprise in the middle!). Love the atmosphere, can’t wait to try more of the menu. Definitely a fun addition to the neighborhood.

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