Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Vegetarian/Carnivore Dinner Spot

We don’t really care that her “good friend just received a big promotion,” but we will help her with her with her question:

$he asked me to recommend a nice place for her, her husband, and me to have a special dinner. They are both vegetarians, and I am a carnivore. Do you know of any nice restaurants that vegetarians rave about?


  • JB

    Ali Baba solves this conundrum for me.

  • Sundown at Granada, Samar, Baboush, ZEN Sushi, Nora to name a few. Depending on how “big” the promotion was, Fearing’s has a completely separate vegetarian menu that is really good.

  • Rob

    I second Fearings if this was a really big promotion

  • bc

    I second everything Jamey said. If it’s a mid-sized promotion, I vote The Mint on Oak Lawn. Refined enough, and everything is awesome – tons of veg friendliness. Or Nonna if you’re feeling Italian instead of Asian.

  • Stacy

    First thought is Fearings.

  • Kat

    Here are a few of my favs in addition to the above mentioned: Nosh, Oddfellows, Central 214, Libertine. Parigi. I also recommend that you check out They offer a list of vegan and veg friendly restaurants.

  • Marianne

    Stephan Pyles. Just tell the waiter/waitress you are vegetarian and how many courses you want and they will bring you amazing goodness.

  • Primi timpano

    Every hotel restaurant of distinction will prepare a vegetarian meal. Had a great tasting menu at Nana’s last year. Try the Mansion, the French Room and the Pyramid Room. Otherwise you will get an assemblage of grilled vegetables and sides.