Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Take-Out Thanksgiving Dinner in Dallas

Or in her case, “take-away.” She types with a heavy British accent:

Nancy, I need your help. I moved here from London in the spring where my husband and I have been living for two years. He has been transferred here which is good for him because his family is close by. Horrors!!! He wants us to host Thanksgiving at our home. I’ve not a clue. I’d like to order take-away and pretend I did it all. Who should I call?


  • Jonathon n

    Eatzis does a great thanksgiving dinner. I get it every year. Total time to set up, eat, and clean takes about 1.5 hours.

  • Brandy

    Find out whatever Kent Rathbun is serving up…they’ll know…but it’s the thought that counts.

  • stephen

    Big Fatty’s – sounds awful but best turkey and added bonus it is already sliced off bird (which is very difficult for even the seasoned pro). On sides either make yourself or Celebration. The turkey from Big Fatties is delicious and the owners / cooks deliver to your home a day before with pre heating instructions – the gravy is wonderful as well.

  • Bethany

    Cowboy Chicken does a GREAT Thanksgiving meal (and yes, they give you a turkey.) We’ve used them for the past few years.

  • Eva

    Stephan Pyle’s used to do a fantastic Thanksgiving takeaway! Wish he still did. We’ve done eatzi’s the last two years. Central Market also has a good one.

  • BorntoRhone

    Central Market always has a great Thanksgiving special and lots of creative sides which may make it easier to pretend you did it all yourself 🙂

  • PRGirl

    Eatzi’s is wonderful!

  • We will be smoking Turkeys and Hams this year, and can whip up a few sides to help you out!

  • KellyK


  • Steve

    Two Sisters To Go

  • Tx2step

    Celebration Market does a great Thanksgiving dinner. They have a free tasting of all their dishes on a certain day so you have an idea of what to order. I recommend calling them to see what day that will be.

  • Jo Bennett

    Order your turkey from Boston Market and then do all of the sides yourself…you Will love it and be VERY happily surpirsed!

  • twinwillow

    We used to have to spend our Novembers in London because of business. It’s possible to get an American (style) Thanksgiving dinner in some of the better hotels but I gotta tell you, it ain’t the same as here! Welcome home!

  • Primi timpano

    You are more likely to fool him if you bake a couple of onions so the kitchen smells like home cooking.

    The missing dirty cooking dishes may also give you away.

    Gut it up and cook the turkey, buy the sides. If it is a bust Ho to Luby’s.

  • bmk

    Norma”s makes a delicious meal.