• Randy

    Urbano (best of the non-Asian/Middle Eastern bunch by far IMO)
    Cane Rosso (Wednesdays)
    Mr Wok
    Caravelle (not sure if they currently allow)
    Afghan Grill (not sure if they currently allow)

  • Me

    Citrus Restaurant located at Preston and Royal.

  • dk

    Urbano is the best by far.

  • Me

    Jeng Chi
    Thukta Thai

  • VM

    No debate, Urbano.

  • Kevin

    Jeng Chi
    Royal Sichuan
    Nam Hua

    Bambu Thai used to but no more. 🙁

  • Stop into Cedars Social we charge a $20 corkage fee thats it.

  • KG

    Urbano, Momo’s at Forest & Greenville and Thai Soon in Richardson

  • B E

    I can understand most of the restaurant suggestions above, but CEDARS SOCIAL? I thought TABC rules forbid full bar restaurants from allowing patrons to BYOB.

  • Shelbyg75

    Amici Signature Italian in Carrollton … Mmmm 🙂

  • runDMC

    Shelby – no more Amici. After the fire rebuild – no more byob, I’m told.
    I usually do Citrus and Urbano for byob.
    A new one is Sakhuu. Fabulous Thai very near Urbano.

  • Randy

    Been meaning to try Sakhuu, guess I need to move it up on my list.

  • acrow

    Farnatchi is always good

  • Amy S

    Momo’s on Forest has moved further west, between the tiny library and TI. Nice finish out from their website, and it is still BYOB. I just noticed it last week.

  • EveryoneHeartsOC


  • LJT

    Definitely Farnatchi or Urbano.

  • yeah…um

    Three words:


  • DallasFoodie

    Urbano Cafe for sure!

  • spoon18

    Sevan’s on Greenville.

  • Bronzeboy

    Sevan G & G Café at Greenville & Belmont
    Family-owned & operated. Sevan is a large lake in Armenia…G&G is Grace & George the owners & chef.
    The best…
    Hummus Dip
    Mouhamra Dip
    Rack of Lamb
    Order the first 3…enjoy as you schmooze enjoying your Viognier or Pinot Gris
    Then in your timing order your entre Rack of Lamb and enjoy with your Cab blend or Shiraz.
    If you order everything up front you may get you lamb right in the middle of first course schmoozing.
    This is family owned and operated…the wife is the waitress so cool your jets and enjoy life as if you are in Armenia.

  • Zach M


  • InsideEdition

    Urbano rocks. Take more than one bottle. You’ll end up sharing it with your neighbor.

  • winechick

    Suze charges $25 bottle corkage fee

  • nota step

    Someone recently made a comment to me that charging a cork fee is against TABC regulations.

  • According to TABC: It is ILLEGAL to take any alcoholic beverage into a restaurant/bar that has a private club permit or a mixed beverage permit (distilled spirits in addition to beer/wine). You can’t leave with an alcoholic beverage, unless it is a malt beverage produced by a brewpub, or you are leaving with a bottle of wine you bought with a meal and did not finish. Section 28.10 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code says, “A mixed beverage permittee may not permit any person to take any alcoholic beverage purchased on the licensed premises from the premises where sold, except that a person who orders wine with food and has a portion of the open container remaining may remove the open container of wine from the premises.”

    It is LEGAL to take alcoholic beverages into or out of a restaurant/bar that has a beer/wine permit (no distilled spirits), or an establishment that does not have a permit to sell alcohol. However, the business may have their own rules against it. If the business allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages onto their premises, it is legal for them to charge you a fee. It is often referred to as a “corkage fee,” especially when it refers to a bottle of wine brought into a restaurant. Some bars also sell “set ups” which refers to cups of ice or soda that the customer buys and mixes with their own distilled spirits.

  • Christine Kassandra

    In order of awesomeness:
    Platia Greek in Plano
    Momo’s Pasta
    Momo’s Italian Kitchen

  • Chad

    Palio’s in Richardson

  • Liz G.

    Covino’s in Plano

  • Fred

    Make the drive north to McKinney Square for Gregory’s Bistro. French. il Cane Rosso on Wednesday nights is fun. And, I second Urbano, Farnatchi, and Citrus Bistro.

  • Rebross

    I third Farnatchi and Urbano.

  • If you wish to expand the search beyond Dallas-proper, please consider Nonna Tata in Fort Worth: especially now that evenings are cool and inviting for Al Fresco dining.