Eat This Burger: The Cowboy at Regal Beagle

Chefs Nick Vakidis and Ben Johnson (left); Stuft buffalo fried chicken sandwich (right) photos by Matt Shelley

Animalistic hunger rages in my underbelly. I feel fists clenched and taste buds curdling. The stiffness in my calves is no doubt from the disco ball dangling like a thousand man giants reminding me of brighter nights beneath a Taiwanese moon in the July of Gelderlands Revival. A quick sniff reveals that food is served here at Regal Beagle. This place is a dive. Billiards rage and musical classics beckon from the jukebox. A patron named Jeff is asking me about my intentions, and he is charming and delightful. The locals drinking at two in the afternoon are boisterous and nonetheless calming. Black walls, billiards, foosball, and the horseshoe bar all tickle my fancy bone, and I give my hand to the charming chefs who have recently taken over the kitchen.

Ben Johnson and Nick Vakidis left Terilli’s to start up the kitchen at the Regal Beagle. For three weeks now, they have cut their fingers and blistered their social lives to build a beautiful stuffed burger, or Stuft, which is the name of the kitchen itself. I delighted in their story and entrepreneurial magnetism. Two dudes and a hefty skillet have come to this dungeon with a bright and beautiful basket of food. The stuffed buffalo fried chicken sandwich surprised me with its smoothness, much like my uncle Ricky on an all-night roller through Chinatown on my 13th birthday after the Mariners lost the World Series…and he still managed to commandeer three honeysuckles from the VIP for his indulgence.

The Cowboy in its glory

I digress, or do I?

Either way, the sandwich was subtle and inviting, not too intensely buffalo, yet full mouthed. The jalapeno poppers accompanied the sandwich well, stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon before being lightly fried and served with a delectable house-made mayo. I’ve never given a thought to onion rings being a light in my desires, but they were nice, too. Of the burgers, the Juicy Lucy was good but overshadowed by the Cowboy burger. Made with in house bacon jam, goat cheese, jalapenos, grilled red onions, spinach and almost a pound of ground beef, it was hard to keep it out of my mouth. And while that may not seem like much for a man of my endeavors, it was a brawling, full bodied burger experience. Don’t let the darkness scare you. This place has a purposeful patio, friendly people and some sensually charismatic chefs in the kitchen. They are still at their doorway but the party is soon underway. If you’re looking to get stuffed, venture into the Regal Beagle for a formidably juicy burger to put in your face.

Inside of the Stuft buffalo chicken sandwich
The jukebox is all hips (left); bar folk (right)
Inside look of the triumphant Cowboy Stuft burger
Jalapeno poppers (left); billiards (right)
The juicy Lucy split open




  • Matt Waddill

    Nice work gentlemen! STUFT IT!

  • janie

    way to go ben johnson!

  • Tiffant

    This looks great! I can’t wait to try!

  • InsideEdition

    How is Matt Shelley? More please. Great stuff

  • natalie

    Great write up!! Also, they have one “stuft” with fritos and chili with mustard. That one is AWESOME!!

  • The Regal Beagle has always been the late night place you go while living in the Village after you’ve taken advantage of the cheap drinks at the country club. That was years ago. I don’t live in the Village anymore, but from time to time after a Tuesday night singing karaoke at Shuck N’ Jive, I make my way over to what I consider one of the seediest bars on that side of tow. For some reason, at that point, I’m convinced shots is a good idea. I’m glad this place has food to soak up all those Red Headed Sluts (yes, if there was a time and place to go dirty it’s at the Regal Beagle). The food looks damn good! Time to make a pit stop at one of my glory days haunts with a side of onion rings.

  • Shaun

    Everything there is awesome the onions rings are like no other I’ve ever had and the Mediterranean chicken sandwich is bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rogers Healy

    Work very near this place and its not as good as the hype. I wish them luck, but i got sick last time I ate there. Buyer beware.

  • Susan

    Stuft is awsome have eaten here twice burgers were great!!!

  • Melissa Degenhart

    Why do people go eat a hugely fatty meal and then post that the restaurant made them sick? You tend to get a bellyache when you eat vastly more fat in a meal than usual. It does not mean you got food poisoning.

  • Steve

    I too got sick after I ate the Buffalo Chicken Club, but like Melissa I am pretty sure I contracted a food coma. Will gladly return, these guys have something really special going on.

  • Liz

    One of the best burgers I’ve had. Juicy Lucy will take care of any hangover and the handcut fries and rings are out of this world!

  • Tricia

    I have eaten food made by Ben Johnson before. His taste buds are awesome and he really knows how to create flavor!! I’d put my $ on him anyday!!

  • Gloria

    Best onion rings ever!!

  • WOW! Talk about exceeding the expectation! As a Park Cites person, a burger joint is the Burger House….and has been for most of my life, but….watch out Chantillis boys….Stuft will eat your lunch!….
    Seriously! the meat was so fresh…like you could taste that freshness….and as the article says…the Cowboy was amazing! The blend of whateer that “bacon jam” is and goat cheese…LADIES you will flip over this….I might change the name of that thing adn callit The Gucci Burger….

    I must confess that the jalapeno chips with the sauce….forget chips and hot sauce! This is my new vice….WOW! and WOW again! Too bad I couldn’t pry that dipping suace receipe out of Ben Johnson….dont think I didn’t try….
    I have not doubt Terrelli’s was sad to loose you, but take notice Greenville Ave burger joints…the boys are in town and killing it!

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  • Glenn Campbell

    I smell shilling.

  • Noonie McWhorter

    I miss my gallbladder.