The Booze and Music at Untapped Festival Made Our World Go ‘Round. Here’s Why.

Lakewood employees keeping it fun in the booth. (photos Melisa Oporto)

Even with the Trinity Groves “entertainment destination” still unfinished, a sold-out crowd happily showed up promptly for the music, alcohol, and mercifully cool weather at Spune Productions’ Untapped Festival in WestDallas this past Saturday. Food truck supplies were already heavily depleted just past 4 pm and multiple craft breweries ran out of the most coveted batches early on as well, but such issues are merely indicative of a successful party.

Maui Brewing Company’s Coconut Porter came up in multiple conversations and the Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA was a personal favorite, as it came off like something of an anti-IPA. GhostIPA? Whatever you want to call it, the surprisingly light and grapefruit-rich taste was the perfect balance for someone who is not exactly an IPA fan. Unfortunately we were told that it won’t be available locally until October, so perhaps “Ghost IPA” can be used as a seasonal marketing promotion.

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There was also wine and even liquor if you knew where to look; Hogue Cellars had a lovely trio of chardonnay, pinot, and sangria that we returned to a few too many times, and LaGrange Snow Cones spiked their ice for free instead of at the usual price, according to policy. Finally, Great Brewers handed out little souvenir shot glasses that may or may not have been used for more free “samples” at a completely different destination later in the evening. I don’t recommend that however, as I hear that’s highly illegal.

Bourbon Espresso Temptress (left); Givers (right)
Jalon Nichols, Shaddai Berron, and Karen McDowell.
Nammi getting some pretty sweet business.
Patrick Flaherty and Leslie Kramer.
The Antlers
Girl dancing to The Eastern Seas, who were playing on the Deep Ellum Brewing Company/Local Edge Stage.

Christopher Mosley is a music critic on FrontRow.