Sisu Uptown Resort is Open and Ready For Your Business

Bruschetta with goat-cheese mousse and candied tomato (photos by William Neal)

Sisu may look like a quaint little house on the outside, but on Saturday, its inside was a snazzy uptown resort flowing with poolside cocktails and sharply dressed people. Our photographer, William Neal, took snaps of the food at the pre-opening party before Sisu officially opened this past Monday. So here’s the lowdown on this place: three bars, a large pool, and two stories. But if you’re not into amenities, no big deal. Take a second to consider the brunch menu. I’ve never had tiramisu French toast before, but those three words in succession are bells to my ears.

In summary: Brunch looks killer, and  this will probably be the ultimate party destination for Uptowners. These are exciting times we live in, aren’t they?

Stefon Rishel and Dan Bui
Lamb pops
Plants on a wall.
Executive chef Stefon Rishel
Angus sliders with onion jam, tomato marmalade, and crispy spinach
The outside patio
Duck confit quesadillas with cheddar, pickled red onion, and lime cream


  • Parkie

    Address and phone number, please?

  • LTinOC

    “…this will probably be the ultimate party destination for Uptowners.” If there was ever a sentence that would make me avoid a place lke the plague, that one would do it.

  • !!

    2508 Maple Ave
    (214) 871 2888

  • Dont_Hate

    Good cause nobody wants you there @LTinOC

  • Pamm

    What was this place before?????

  • Jan

    The brunch is amazing and so inexpensive! Biscuits and Gravy were a hit, and bottomless mimosas that tasted so fresh were awesome!!

  • Housewife

    Was at pre-opening party…this place won’t make it. Food is too complicated and too expensive. When are they going to learn that “magical food and atmosphere” doesn’t cut it.

  • jb

    The location was the house Matthew Trent jewelry used as their storefront before moving to Preston Center.