Jack’s Southern Comfort Food is Opening October 1 on Lower Greenville

A pal and I were pining over biscuits the other day, wondering where all the good biscuits have gone. Ever since I watched a North Carolina woman named April McGregor smush homemade biscuit dough using her forearm as a rolling pin, I haven’t tasted biscuits better than hers ever since. That was two years ago.

Lucky for all of us, Scott Jones, the man behind Screen Door and Cowtown Diner, is opening a new restaurant in Lower Greenville that’s named after his father. Jack’s Southern Comfort Food, opening October 1, is offering exactly what it sounds like: food you’d find in your Southern momma’s kitchen. Jones describes it as “Texas twang with a Louisiana drawl,” because his family-friendly restaurant goes back to his Texas and Cajun roots.

On the menu, you’ll find everything from biscuit sandwiches (crawfish salad, biscuit burger, and chicken fried steak) to cinnamon biscuits (“buttery buttermilk biscuits rolled with cinnamon, brown sugar, toasted walnuts and pecans, baked to perfection and slathered with a buttermilk glaze”) to biscuit everything. The world is Jones’ biscuit oyster. Take a good, hard look at the menu right here and start singing this song with me.

Biscuits in the mornin’, biscuits in the evenin’… tra la la la la….


  • I will definitely have to give this restaurant a try. I can’t wait until it opens! LR Bergeron

  • Carpe Diem

    Hasn’t he shut down or been shown the door on every restaurant he’s opened?

  • Robin

    So excited about everything that is happening on Lower Greenville these days. Looking forward to trying the biscuits.