How to Fry Cotton Candy

Tommy Tolls is the Cotton Candy guy. He’s going to be standing inside Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt booth at the Texas State Fair starting on September 28, supervising the cooks to make sure they make the fried cotton candy balls perfectly right. Cassie Uptmore, who started her froyo biz in Grapevine and had her own booth at the Fair for the first time last year, entered in the 2012 Big Tex Choice Awards competition, but she didn’t get a finalist nod. (Abel Gonzales and Butch Benavides ended up taking home the trophies with their deep fried jambalaya and bacon cinnamon roll, respectively.) Still, her fried cotton candy will definitely be making its debut at the State Fair, and I have a feeling it’ll be a big hit among kiddos all over the state.

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Fried cotton candy on top of Cassie's froyo with cotton candy syrup (photo by Carol Shih)

These fried cotton candy balls are made from cotton candy crumbles and syrup, then lightly covered in tempura batter. When you actually eat one, it tastes more like a hot fried strawberry cake than anything else, so it’s not as scary as you might think. Eat them as they are, or put them on top of Cassie’s froyo mixed with Jelly Belly cotton candy syrup, and you have yourself a guaranteed sugar coma. Cassie also likes to fry the caramel popcorn that you see in the photo below. Then she puts them on top of Jelly Belly caramel corn ice cream and calls it a day. I call this… a lot of caramel.

You can find both these products at Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt booth.

Fried caramel corn on to top of fried caramel corn-flavored froyo (photo by Carol Shih)