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Takeru Kobayashi is Participating in a Hot Dog Eating Contest at the Texas State Fair

The face of hot dog victory (

Skinny little guy Takeru Kobayashi is a beast. The world champion eater recently signed on with Hofmann hot dogs as the new brand ambassador and business partner, and proved his loyalty to the brand by stuffing 110 of its dogs (bunless) down his throat in 10 minutes at the New York State Fair on Sunday afternoon. Kobi competed in a Hofmann shirt and head band, wearing what I can only guess are black-and-white plaid pajama pants that indicate where Japanese fashion is heading these days. The champ showed off his abs before he began setting a new hot dog record when, ten minutes later, Kobi’s flat washboard abs disappeared into a sexy pot belly. Yum.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Hallelujah for the skinny guy’s world record, but let’s all do the Kobayashi wiggle and dance for the fact that Kobi is going to be at the Texas State Fair this year for a hot dog eating contest. The show takes place at 4 p.m., October 12, on the Chevrolet Main Stage. Besides all the fried foods to look forward to, there’s also this Kobi show to put on all your calendars. Who doesn’t want to watch a man heave and gag his way through 100+ hot dogs? (I really do.) It’ll make you never want to eat again! (I’ll probably eat a hot dog right after.) Hofmann Hot Dogs, your marketing strategy seems to be working…

Kobayashi's sexy pot belly