Fresh Hop Beer is Like Vacation Sex

… is what Drew Huerter, the Head Brewer of Deep Ellum Brewing Co., says on receiving several boxes of 2012 Centennial hops from Portland, Oregon’s Indie Hops today. Huerter and Tait Lifto are driving to the airport at 8:30 p.m. tonight to pick up this shipment that was literally picked this morning and air-shipped directly to the Deep Ellum bros, so they can take it straight to the lab where the dudes are going to brew fresh hop beer (tentatively called “Hop Seeker”) tomorrow morning.

Huerter explains that drinking fresh hop beer is ““like vacation sex – it’s like regular sex as they are both fun and the mechanics are the same, but there’s something ‘extra’ in fresh hops that is difficult to quantify.”

The DEBC’s newest beer should hit markets in about 3 to 4 weeks. According to Lifto, it will contain “Gambrinus Munich malt, Great Western Vienna & C150 malts, Rahr Pale Ale malt and Raw Cane Sugar along with Summit, Chinook, Glacier, Columbus and fresh Oregon-grown Centennial hops (in the hop back) – the fresh Centennial hops add a jucier, grassier terroir (pardon my French) to the nose. It will be stylistically close to an American Strong Ale or Imperial Amber Ale weighing in at a very respectable 8.0% abv.”