The Fearless Eater Competition: Enter to Win Tommy’s! Salsas and Spices

The giveaway: Tommy's! salsas (photo by Carol Shih)

I just came back from Taiwan where, for 10 days, I ate things like pigs feet, fish heads (yes, including the eye balls), and other animal organ parts I probably shouldn’t mention this early in the morning. I’m no Andrew Zimmerman and there’s no way I could ever swallow the contents of a bile sac, but I consider myself a brave-ish eater with a high food tolerance, especially compared to a guy I knew in college who ate nothing but bread and cheese in all its various forms. No joke.

A bunch of you out there are savvy eaters who surely top me on my eating habits. Some of y’all have mentioned eating bizarre foods already on that Bazaar giveaway post back in July, which (btdubs) was highly entertaining to read. So, friends, let’s play a game to make this Wednesday spicier. Tell me about the scariest, hairiest, weirdest food you’ve ever eaten before Friday, August 24, at 5 p.m. Be detailed in your descriptions! The more cringe-worthy, the better. The winner will be declared “The Bravest Eater on SideDish” and win the following:

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Whoever wins these Tommy’s! salsas and spices has to be brave indeed. Even I’m a little afraid to try it (which might be the motivation behind this giveaway, but whatever) since the label is… uh.. an interesting depiction of a man wrapping his arms around different vegetables. Who knows. Tommy’s! could be the best salsa that ever came in a jar.