Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters are Moving to 819 West Davis Street

Bradford Pearson over on Oak Cliff People noted this new coffee development: The OC Coffee Roasters posted on their Facebook page a sideways photo of what definitely looks like a permit for a space at 819 West Davis Street. A call to Shannan Neffendorf provided some very mysterious details (or lack thereof). All that he will will divulge is this: The Neffendorf couple is going to open a little cafe where they sell coffee and beans (duh), but it’s “going to be a little unique,” says coffeeman Shannon.

There will be a limited menu and limited hours, and the roasters are still in the process of choosing “more niche, more boutique kind of machines” that are different from the run-of-the-mill types. Customers will be able to see the whole roasting process, which is something the OC Coffee Roasters want to make more visible. Neffendorf is pretty mum on the details. Maybe it’s still too early for me to be asking all these questions, but Neffendorf does say that the coffee shop might be open in January 2013. Maybe.