• Amy S

    Beck’s. Twice. Burgers were awesome, not cheap, awesome. Their tenderloin was definitely Prime. And perfectly cooked. $29.95 for steak, loaded (huge) baked potato and small salad. But left me wondering is this a good value for a counter-service/drive through place?

  • twinwillow

    Lunch with the gang at Nona Lencha in Irving. Totally, meh! The best thing was the melon agua fresca.

  • The Guy

    The Guy went to Daddy Jack’s on Greenville. Started with a cup of clam and the warm portabella salad. Had the steak (filet with mushrooms), done better at a seafood place (!) than a lot of Dallas steakhouses. Warm apple pie with two scoops of Blue Bell. Blues playing as always on the speakers. Perfect.

  • Hospitality Instructor

    Tried Beck’s Prime as well. Ate the Bubba and it was tasty enough but not worth the price. Bun was a bit too much and the Prime Sauce was unimpressive and honestly would have preferred a straight burger Texas style with mustard and pickles. Fries and the quality of the patty were very solid but the combinations the offer are just a bit dated. Seemed like a burger my grandfather would have loved. I’ll build my own next time, or go to Liberty.

  • Julie

    Went to the Bowery and was extremely disappointed. The dog itself was fine – but their bread was terrible. I think they used Mrs. Bairds buns for the chili dog (which fell apart after the first bite) and their “baguette” had that styrofoam-y grocery store feel. I will stick with Twisted Root, or just buy Nueske dogs and Central Market buns, TYVM.
    P.S. Parking was not ample.

  • Al

    Whiskey Cake cafe – had the duck – excellent, although portion on the small side. Husband had their new tuna salad also excellent – good portion size. Good service. Go early on weekends – very long wait!!

  • alyb803

    Great meals at both Lucia and Oak. Lucia: sweet corn soup, rye tagliatelle with a Red Wattle pork ragu, halibut (one of the most perfectly cooked pieces of fish I’ve ever enjoyed) with compressed tomato & watermelon, charred scallion and salsa verde, followed by a bread crumb semifreddo w/ Texas peaches. At Oak, heirloom tomato and burrata salad, enormous and perfectly seared scallops with Vidalia onion risotto and a blueberry polenta financier for dessert.

  • LJT

    I want to hang out with alyb803!

  • twinwillow

    @LJT: Ditto!

  • Eagles

    Vietnam Restaurant for pho and spring rolls on Wednesday night. Usually I get it to go but we actually ate at the restaturant this time. Delicious as usual! Strong pour on the drinks and really friendly staff. Mooyah for lunch. Great turkey burger and fries…never been before but will be back.

  • todd

    Went to the Cowtown Diner last night and what a disappointment. Should have known, the place was nearly empty at 8:30 on a Friday night. Crabcakes were more cake than crab and were shaped like balls. Wedge Salad was decent but had too much blue cheese. I asked to substitute mashed yukon golds for whatever potato comes with the meatloaf, and that was a mistake. From our seat, I could hear our server, a manager, and someone in the kitchen discussing the fact that they did not have yukon golds, even though they are listed as a side item. My dish was presented with mashed sweet potatoes. I told my server about the error and she acted like she did not know the difference between the two types of potatoes. Replacement french fries were undercooked, but I was tired of complaining and just wanted to leave. Reading reviews on Yelp now, wish I had done that before going.

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